April 21, 2022

How Far would you Go for the One you Love?

true love

“Have you ever loved someone so much

You’d give an arm for

Not the expression, no

Literally give an arm for

When they know they’re your heart

And you know you are their armor

And you will destroy

Anyone who would try to harm her.” ~ Eminem

Three days after my birthday in 2005, Eminem released his song, “When I’m Gone,” and it instantly got stuck in my mind rent-free. I was eight at the time, so those words hit differently back then. And each year I grew older, those same lyrics kept repeating in my mind over and over again, as I was trying to comprehend why. Why would someone give up their own arm, or any part of them, for the person they love? What is so special about Love that makes you go crazy?

I have been in love before, and I know how crazy you can be and how far you would go for the one you love. But I never imagined that I could be so in love that I would be hurt and be happy about it. But this man that I’m about to tell you about, has changed my point of view on what it means to be in love.

Let’s call this man Mab. I met him about four years ago through a mutual friend. During those years, I got to meet his girlfriend, who later became his fiancée. You would look at them together and think, “These two are so in love, you can’t possibly describe it.”

And it’s true. There are no words that can describe what true love is. Or so I thought because just weeks ago, Mab hit me with some crazy and undeniably insane words that finally—and for the first time in my life—I fully understood what Eminem was saying.

You see, it was a casual conversation, talking about his engagement and the preparation. We went a bit deeper into what it means to be engaged and in love. Then, boom, he said it.

“She is my everything, man. She is the only one that makes me survive being hurt by life or anything else, and I’m happy with it. Nothing can even affect me anymore. With everything happening around us, nothing else even matters. Nothing can hurt me or make me feel bad, not one bit. I am ready to rip my heart open and give it to her. At the end of the day, just hearing her voice and talking to her makes me forget everything and makes my day worth it. I can’t wait for her to be my wife.”

Holy sh*t, man. Are you for real?

I mean, I might understand the fact that nothing can affect you or even bring you down when u find the One. But the fact that she can make you survive being hurt by anything while you’re happy? That’s some next level sh*t. A lot of relationships that I have seen always have a point of no return, where one side hurts the other, and all hell breaks loose. And then you tell me that whatever happens to you, as long as she’s there to hold you up, you don’t care? Damn.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. True love does exist. I am certain of it.

I have seen it with my own eyes. These two love birds have given me hope that no matter how long you wait, and no matter how much life tries to fight you and make you regret loving someone, you will eventually find that one person who can make everything else seem meaningless.

They can make all the problems that this life throws to your face have no effect on you because you know, at the end of the day, that face is waiting for you and ready to listen to you, comfort you, and turn that frown upside down.


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