April 12, 2022

How to Love, Learn & Lean into Abundance. 


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Have you ever just sat silently, perched upon a favorite chair or chaise, and all of a sudden, felt the overwhelming and absolute presence of abundance?

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that you may be exactly where you’re meant to be, even if it’s in this simple state of being? The simplicities and synchronicities, and all the ways in which we find our footing in the world can sometimes be otherworldly—much like an out-of-body experience—and right now, I am experiencing this tenfold.

Lately, this has been a “living truth” for me. I have been feeling this surreal, unbelievably abundant, and flowingly beautiful connection to myself and to the divine source that connects and creates our destinies and time.

I have been feeling so “on-time,” even when I fall behind (oh, divine timing, you beautiful b*tch, you). Because it is not that I have actually fallen behind, or have missed out, or have lost, but rather, it’s this knowingness and truly encompassing awareness that I am exactly where I need to be and the people in my life are exactly who are meant for me.

I am only attracting, no longer forcing. How fickle my heart can be when attachment is lost, but oh, how strong and kind it is when it learns to lean into the abundance of forgiveness. I never want to see people go, but in due time, I come to understand that these people had their reason for being in my life and at one point, they were exactly who I needed. Some people are but seasons, sunsets, and sunrises. I do not get to choose who these people are, I just have to accept them when they come and when they go.

I forgive myself for ever expecting anyone to stay longer than their purpose was for, and I forgive all of those who have let me down in the process of also finding their own footing in the world. I forgive you and I forgive “me.”

These strong and steadfast sensations of this “all-knowing” emotion that I have come to lean into are based on the foundation upon which I have built myself to grow.

I know power because I am power. I know divinity because I am divinity. I know abundance because I am abundant.

I trust in the universe and I trust in myself. I trust in my abilities to run like a river and to ebb with the flow of life’s consistently changing waters. I trust myself enough to love myself enough.

Had I not had a dark night, I would not appreciate the morning sky.

I am not a perfect human, and never again will I expect myself to be. I sit with myself fully and hold myself most vulnerably in my raw rigidity. I lean into myself and I lean into my prosperity.

One futile choice leads to a new path, and in learning this, I have been made to understand how important my choices, my rituals, and my mindfulness is in this human experience.

I sit here in silence where the only noise to be heard is my fingertips tapping feverishly on my keyboard, as I spill my emotions and learned endeavors. And I am truly grateful.

I am grateful for how truly abundant I am. I am abundantly wealthy in light, in love, in health, and in friendship. All because I am learning to lean into life in a compassionately loving way—to live presently each and every day. I am abundant because I believe myself to be, and because I believe in the universe around me.

I sit here in silence and I sit here in gratitude for all that was, for all that is, and for all that is coming.

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