April 13, 2022

Libra Full Moon: Time for Relationship Reboot & Moving Forward. {April 16}


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Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


“We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship.” ~ Harville Hendrix

Many of us live our lives as an accumulation of experiences, traumas, emotional patterns, and projections based on past hurt and wounding. Less than a few of us live our lives as an active, in-the-now-moment, co-creative experience. But, more of us are learning how to actively choose this present activation of being where we are more fully even if we stumble and falter along the way.

We all can understand by now how our past wounds and experiences can lend themselves to coloring our present reality and relationships in a cloud of darkness, victimhood, helplessness, and “this is just the way it is and will be.”

It’s not our fault, really, that we feel this way.

Feelings are never right/wrong or good/bad; they just are. We all have been through our various shapes and shades of trauma or more painful life experiences. We’ve all been hurt, hurt another, been abandoned, abandoned another, lost a loved one, left a loved one, felt all the similar feelings that come with life hardship, and also maybe felt the freedom of moving beyond these more limited human experiences and tapped into the power and potential of the soul, all to varying degrees of course.

We really aren’t all that different when you boil it down to the nuts and bolts of this human experience.

And, still, certain conditions (physical or mental/emotional) can convince us of this “alone-on-an-island” belief that perpetuates our own suffering. Again, not our fault. Just the way we have been shaped and molded into believing we are alone in our pain.

This more solitary sense of self is usually associated with the first sign of the zodiac wheel, Aries, a fire sign and fire starter. Aries is not afraid to embark upon its own path alone. Aries is quite comfortable being alone and standing on their own two feet. This is the energy we have been in the last few weeks with the sun in Aries. But, Aries season hasn’t felt totally free and uninhibited to step out, take action, and move forward, due to other more restricted planetary energy (Saturn). Energy is never to blame of course; much like our emotions, it just is.

Aries season has invited us deeper into our-Selves, into the aspect of self we may have felt like we lost this last year due to life challenges. We have all been stripped, in one way or another, down to the bare bones of who and what we are. Who are we when life strips us of our own health, of a beloved one, of a relationship, of a job, of a certain financial status, or our home?

Aries nature is inherently courageous and inspired to take the leap of faith into the Mystery, to trust despite all prior experiences that maybe, just maybe, a little act-now-think-later could serve us well. Not in reckless, destructive fashion, of course, but to say, “Yeah, life feels hard more days than not these days, and I’m still going to move forward, trusting my vision to become clearer as I go.”

Aries energy has invited us all to come back to the Self, back to the roots beneath our feet, as Aries rules the Root chakra, our anchor and point of connection to the Earth and to our bodies. Maybe (through our own flavor of familial trauma), many of us have spent our entire lives feeling uprooted, untethered, unsafe in our own bodies and in this world. Again, not our fault, but perhaps, a deeper invitation to retrain and recondition our bodies and beings to understand that in the cosmic, divine picture and essence of life, and of which we are, we are always, always safe and protected.

This cosmic, more ethereal energy is Pisces, in which we have also been swimming in these last few weeks, with Venus now making its home in the water sign. Venus feels at ease in Pisces. Venus rules our values—who and what we value. Pisces is our spiritual nature. Do we all see a little bit clearer that this spiritual connection is now more important than ever to nourish, to draw upon, and to connect with daily, and some days, moment to moment?

Maybe, we felt pushed, prodded, and intensely pressurized these last few months and years into remembering this divine connection through our own breakdowns, begging, and pleading on our knees some days for relief to come our way. Suffering, disease, and pain are truly an entry point into our own divinity and a portal back to renewed faith in something bigger, if we so choose it.

Many of us have been ending cycles of relationships that no longer serve us with this Venus in Pisces energy, as Pisces rules endings. We can feel on a level deeper than ever before which relationships drain and deplete our energy and which ones nourish and feed us. It’s no longer an option to keep these depleting relationships in our back pocket. We are no longer an energetic match for them anyways. And, we can’t go backward or risk being out of the flow of where we are going next. We know now even more clearly what we need and what we are worthy of receiving in our relationships.

And, this is certainly not in terms of just romantic relationships but all types of relationships. Life is relationship after all. We are constantly spiraling in and out of relationships daily—to self, other, parts of self, our habits, substances, our emotions, our pains. We came to this earth plane to relate. To be sovereign in the self and in our power. And, to be in relationship with the earth, with other humans, and all of life.

Libra is the energy of relationship, of the other.

Counter to Aries (the self), Libra energy invites us to balance our sense of self with the other.

We will be having a Libra full moon, landing on April 16 at 2:55 PM EST, at 27 degrees of the cardinal air sign. This Libra full moon is standing strong in its energy to further aid us in closing the old relational energy that is no longer serving us and give us a perhaps much needed relationship reboot.

This old energy can encompass our beliefs about who we are in relationships, our beliefs around needing to prove ourselves, showing up a certain way to be loved, and believing we need to hide certain parts of self as to not risk rejection or ridicule.

What modes of relating are we ready to release and step deeper into our worthiness of love, right here, right now?

Pluto is making a square to this full moon, helping us feel and see what needs to go. What needs to transform and shift to support who we are now? Pluto has been nesting in the energy of Capricorn, asking us to step up, take responsibility for our own inner transformation, and call back our power to do so, instead of relying on those outside of us to do it for us.

Only we can shift and change when we are willing to shift and change.

Pluto is always here to help us connect deeper with our power, even if it feels painful at first. That’s perhaps just the resistance we have to these death cycles. Again, not our fault, but we can start to see death as a portal to new life and to the inevitable rebirth that waits us on the other side. All we need is the Aries courage and bravery to begin the new journey and take the first step.

We can help ourselves with this energy by giving ourselves lots of space. Allow the energy to run through you. Allow the emotions to flow. Because change is coming. Because change is upon us.

Eclipse season is just around the corner, starting with a solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30.

Eclipse season is all about fast, abrupt, unexpected change. So, it’s always best to be soft, fluid, and adaptable, to return to trust, and flow with the changes as best we can. Eclipse energy carries us into the next six months, so these changes may be fast, but slower to settle and integrate fully.

We also had a beautiful, extremely rare alignment of Jupiter and Neptune, both in the sign of Pisces, that formed a conjunction on April 12, a few days before the full moon peaks. As energy is fluid and ongoing, this conjunction will be playing out for some time. It is potent energy for higher spiritual growth. Jupiter rules expansion. Neptune rules spirituality. Of course, both can have their shadows, as all energy does. We may see an expansion of dark/light counterparts. Always a matter of perception though.

It’s an opportunity to allow our hearts and souls to connect higher, to our dreams, to our spiritual source, to envision a more expanded state and world of love, hope, and possibility. This energy is a deeper invitation to align with our souls.

As we expand back into our sovereign spiritual self, this Libra full moon is an invitation to slow down and gather all of our relational parts back to center and balance, even if just for a moment, to see the inherent harmony already present and available. To get still. To perhaps communicate something that’s been on our hearts to share with someone, or with a broader audience. Aries energy is here to aid us in being brave and courageous. Pluto is here to help us let go of the heaviness and step deeper into our fullness of Self, sovereign, powerful, and free.

Libra is the diplomat. Seeker of justice. Balancing of the scales. Seeker of balance within and without. A relational being. A communicator.

Libra energy is here to encourage us to seek more balance within ourselves and our relations. We are never as far away from our soul or truest, highest Self as we think we are. We get to choose how we show up, always. And yeah, some days, our emotions and pain patterns surface, and that’s okay. We always deserve more grace and love in these moments, not less.

It is only through our relationships (to self and other) that we heal. That we can heal. That we will heal. So, keep showing up. Keep trusting your heart to guide you. Keep softening into your heart to lead you. Keep loving others with your whole heart, and don’t forget to include yourself in that loving embrace.

We get to choose where we go from here. We have all the power and tools needed to take the next step, and then another. You are always so much stronger and capable than you’ll ever know, and divinely supported by “All That Is.” Let this love hold and support you when you feel weary or without hope.

Allow others to hold you, to speak encouraging words and loving reminders to your heart, to guide you back home. And, in that return home, may you know the love that radiates in and out of your chest is the most powerful force in all the universe, here to ignite your soul and guide you through the spirals of this fleeting, beautiful, all-encompassing, emotional wave of existence.

Relate to yourself with a little more love, kindness, grace, and acceptance of your own beautiful, faltering, yet courageous self, and allow your soul to sing a new song of freedom, love, and expansion.

Let your own love be the medicine.


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