April 16, 2022

Take Responsibility for your Life during this Pink Full Moon. {April 16}


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Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


The first full moon of Spring is here to set the stage for us to bud just as we see in nature right now.

Okay, blessed humans, let’s connect for a bit over the conversation between the Sun, the Moon, and the other planets. April is a pretty big month when it comes to the energies, so grab a cup of tea or some water and let’s chat.

Why is it called the Pink Moon?

If you don’t know, different indigenous tribes have different names for each moon as the moon is a guide to what is happening in nature. The Wolf Moon is when the wolves are hunting in the winter season. The Pink Moon got its name from the early blooming of a wildflower called creeping phlox or moss phlox. This wildflower is native to Eastern North America. It was also given the nickname moss pink, thus giving the association of Pink Moon to the Moons of April. There are different names from different indigenous lineages as well. You can check it out, the Farmer’s Almanac is a quick and easy way to learn more.

This is also the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox giving it the name Paschal Full Moon, which is what dictates when Easter will be. I was just thinking of how interesting it is if we look at the meaning of resurrection with Easter and this time of year as the earth is being brought back to life after the death of winter. Everything is so connected when you’re open to seeing the threads of it all.

Okay, but what about the Full Moon?

Elements: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth
Body: Solar plexus, Root Chakra, Mind

Full Moons always carry an emotional focus, which is why you may always see some similar themes from month to month. It is also a time of illuminating the shadow, so the theme of letting go is common. Full Moons bring our home life, relationships, work-life, and body into the forefront as well. So as much as things change from month to month, there will be similarities because it is always the Sun and Moon in opposition.

Sun has just entered the sign of Aries (remember, I work with Sidereal astrology and not tropical), so this brings our inner leader and fire to the forefront. It just entered the sign of Aries so you may start to see how you want to take direction and action or that something isn’t quite working. Aries is also a physical sign, big solar plexus energy, so you may have an urge to up your health game, specifically physically. Some shadow aspects of Aries are anger, arrogance, unwillingness to change, and speaking over others.

The moon is in the sign of Libra; it also just entered so it is the beginning of the journey. Libra is an air sign that seeks balance and justice. They can be seen as the underdog at times and they also can have two sides of their personality, a similar trait to Gemini. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, so we have relationships really coming into the forefront. Things like jealousy, manipulation, abuse, and invasion of privacy are all things that can come up with this Full Moon.

One big player this weekend is Pluto as both the Sun and Moon are squaring Pluto. The Sun and Moon in opposition create tension and can test us to see something with a different perspective if we can put our ego aside. When we bring Pluto into the mix, it is a deep reset and transformation with how we approach relationships (romantic, platonic, workplace, family).

And yes, Pluto is the planet of death and destruction and associated with the sign of Scorpio, so some things will either have a face-off moment or some things may come to an end. And don’t forget, this also relates to how vulnerable and truthful you can be about your own role in how these relationships are functioning.

Venus in Aquarius is having a great conversation with Taurus and Uranus in Aries. This is making space for a renewal of a certain relationship or a new relationship. If you’re able to see how both parties contribute equally and take responsibility for your role and are willing to adjust accordingly— heal your wounds—it will create space for a deeper and easier love to exist within you and around you.

The Sun sextile Mars and Moon trine Mars gives us a sense of passion and purpose, or at least the desire to reignite our passion for life. This also gives us a confidence boost that says we can do whatever it is we are looking to achieve at this given time.

We also have Jupiter, Neptune conjunct in Pisces which is a unique energy. The last time these planets were in this position was in the 1860s. It needs its own email to fully encapsulate what is going on. I have a few videos on Instagram if you’re interested in hearing more. This is big dream energy. It is also psychic and mystical and reminds us to beware of illusions that we have created when it comes to our own lives and what we have to do to achieve something or what we don’t want/need to do.

Pluto is also involved here reminding us that what we wanted before may not be what we want now. It could mean you are restarting something or starting over, rather. If you think something isn’t worth it because it takes too much time, you’re still going to age, time is still going to pass by, so why not do it?

I could keep going and going, but I am going to end it here. We are coming to an end of a period without planets stationed retrograde and Pluto stations retrograde at the end of the month bringing deep transformation to your life and root chakra.

This is a time of deep physical healing, eliminating foods that you know irritate your body is recommended. If you drink alcohol or do drugs it is recommended to take a break or at least cut back. Sweating is needed to help the body in this detoxification process. The mind can only be as clean as the body.

Oh, dear, I almost forgot, April opens and closes with a new moon so, within this month, we are getting inundated with lessons, information, and new ideas. We have also been hit continuously with solar storm energy also causing our physical bodies to recalibrate.

The final new moon of April also takes place the same day as a partial solar eclipse, so we are kicking off eclipse season with a bang.

Take some time and orient yourself with your life. Are you just going through the motions and letting your emotions run the show or are you taking responsibility and implementing control?

We are creating our life in every moment of every day; how you choose to create that moment is entirely up to you.

Thanks for hanging out and hydrating with me. Happy Full Moon and may your soul guide you a little deeper this month.

Don’t forget to celebrate yourself with some friends because community is so important.

Stay hydrated and take care,

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