May 25, 2022

7 Signs You are Dating The One.

For most people who have never been in love, the first question always on their mind is, “When will I know I have met the one?”

It’s a question I asked myself endless times in my dating journey.

Before I met my husband, there was always this thought in the back of my mind whenever I met someone new. I would get excited about a potential love interest but then be disappointed when the relationship fizzled out. The more rejection and ghosting I faced, I wondered if I would ever be able to answer that question.

But when I started dating my husband, things just felt…different. It was different than every other person I had dated before. Time with him just seemed to flow and be easy. Sure, there was some initial confusion at first about each other’s feelings, which is bound to happen in any new relationship.

However, as time went on with him, I knew there was something between us. I couldn’t wait to see him and plan our next date. I would smile every time I saw a text notification from him on my phone. And for the first time in my life, I could see a future with him. So as I think back to those early days, I remember those little signs that let me know he was someone special. Those little signs that told me my life was changing forever.

As I remember those first six months of falling in love, these were the signs that told me he was the one. And now I get to pass on this inherent wisdom with all the women I coach through my signature coaching program. The women I get to guide on their path to growing their self-confidence and letting love into their lives.

Save this article and come back to it when you are feeling unsure or you are wondering about a potential love match.

And I would love to hear from you. Is there anything you’d add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

Seven signs you are dating the one:

1. You can be your authentic self.

When you are dating the “one” you are free to be completely yourself. You can make funny jokes and be weird without feeling shame. You can put your heart on the line, not fearing what you will hear back in return. You can discuss your biggest goals and your deepest fears, knowing that your love grows deeper the more vulnerable you are. You know you are dating the one when you say what’s on your mind and invite them into your inner world. It’s an amazing and freeing feeling like nothing you’ve experienced before.

2. There’s no games or confusion.

You know you are dating the one when there are no games involved. When he tells you he’s going to take you out on Saturday, he means it. When you haven’t heard from him in two days, you remember that he said he had a busy week of work. You smile as you wake up and see that he has sent you his daily text, wishing you a good morning. Your “one” is going to make you feel important and let it be known that they are thinking about you. Even in times apart, you know that it has no effect on the feelings you have for each other.

3. You aren’t wondering who else is out there.

How do you know you’re dating the one? Simple. You aren’t wondering who else is out there! You’ll be too busy planning the next exciting date with your special person. In today’s world of dating apps, it’s way too easy to swipe through hundreds of possible dates in a matter of minutes. But for you, the temptation won’t even be there when you start dating the person meant for you. Those dating apps will be a thing of the past!

4. You will feel differently than you ever have before.

This is probably the most important sign that you have met your person. You will find yourself thinking about them differently than anyone else who has come into your life. Instead of trying to find flaws or reasons why it won’t work out, you find yourself thinking about how excited you are about them. You can’t wait to text them about your day or laugh about an inside joke you have together.

5. You see them as part of your future.

When you are dating the person meant for you, you are thinking way beyond the next date with them. You will find yourself wanting to plan exciting trips and weekend getaways. You picture them meeting your parents and closest friends. You start to imagine all the ways your life can expand now that they are in your life. You are so happy when you think about your life in five years because they will be in it.

6. You will glow from the inside out.

There’s no better feeling in the world than falling in love, and when you have met your person, other people will take notice. You will literally glow from the inside out, harnessing all those warm feelings of love. Life will appear easy and those little daily annoyances will not even faze you. Something that has been closed off within you will crack wide open. That is exactly what true love does; it reaches all those places inside you that you’ve neglected for so long. Your soul will feel it on the deepest level. If you’re wondering if it’s love, your friends and family will be the first to notice your glow.

7. No matter the setting, you always have a great time together.

Okay, I admit that I asked my husband for this last tip. I wanted to get a male’s perspective on meeting the one and falling in love. And I must say, I absolutely love this one! It is so true. You will have fun with your person no matter the setting. Whether it’s sitting in a café for hours, walking around the park, or driving to a weekend getaway, you are guaranteed a great time. Because the fact is, when you meet your person, no amount of time with them is ever enough.

Here’s to knowing you have met the one!


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