May 7, 2022

A Love Letter to those who could Only Heal by Walking Away.


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A Love Letter to Those Who Could Only Heal by Walking Away from Family

Family is an F word. Sometimes F words suck. If you had to leave family to move forward, I’m sending you love. I’m sorry walking away was the only way you could heal.

You’re not alone, even if it feels like you are. Others have gone no contact; they do it after exploring every other path imaginable. Sometimes walking away is the only option.

Some people just don’t get it. They don’t understand. They haven’t faced the depths of your pain. Nobody’s horse-kicked their heart, destroyed their self-esteem, or ravaged their mind. You are the first witness of your life. You don’t need to justify your life decisions to people who haven’t lived it.

I’m sorry this was the only way to put the shattered pieces of your heart back together. You just want to feel whole again, free from anxiety and sadness, free to live in peace, surrounded by loving, supportive people who see who and what you are.

You did everything you could. You overlooked, you fought, you defended, you rescued, you placated, you ignored, you silenced, you played nice, you buried feelings, you minimized, you cried for help, you blamed yourself, you therapied, you pretended everything was okay, and you begged for understanding. Nothing stopped it.

You ran out of options. There was no other choice. You had to leave. It was the only way to obtain the peace that you crave.

As years passed and times changed, you began to grow. You learned about yourself and the people you love. You self-reflected and became self-aware. You wanted to heal. You deserve to heal. You deserve love. You deserve happiness. You deserve people who will wipe your tears.

You now know self-worth. You know you deserve better. I am grateful and salute you.

You glow differently when you love yourself. You seek validation from within, not from people who block differing perspectives. Some people fault others to avoid who they are and how they show up in the world. They think it makes them feel better. None of that has anything to do with you.

It’s all on them. Know it in your heart. Not everyone can love so deeply. You’re a sensitive, beautiful soul. Never change. Nobody on this planet deserves unlimited second chances; we have a responsibility to do better—to learn and grow. Give yourself a second chance. Create a future. Free yourself from pain, endless conflict, manipulation, and psychological warfare.

People view the world as beautiful or terrifying; surround yourself with those who see the beauty and magic of life.

I’m sorry they can’t own their part and do better. You may never get the genuine apology you crave. I’m sorry they refuse to grow, to learn, and to make amends. I’m sorry they fail to understand because they cling so desperately to themselves—their beliefs, fears, conditioning, and pain. I’m sorry they let you walk away without changing so you could come back.

You may never get an apology. You don’t need one. Listen to the truth inside you and build a life that reflects it. Slowly, the broken pieces will come back together and it won’t hurt as much. One day, it might not even matter anymore. The ones who truly matter will surround you. The beautiful life you have created will feel easy and peaceful.

If you walked away because you deserve better, I’m sending you love.


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Read 11 comments and reply

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