June 27, 2022

My Dog’s New Moon Journey & 5 Areas to Set Intention. {June 28}

New Moon

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Dogs’ presence has always been an unexplainably moving gift in my world.

A little slice of miracle gifted to us. I have loved every pup I have had the pleasure of journeying with. Our miniature labradoodle, Pace (Paw-chee), stole my heart from the moment his nutty, little self made like a cartoon character, sped around a sharp corner, and ran into our arms.

We loved his sweet puppy breath from day one.

Though, as much as we tried to snuggle his apricot-coated puppy fur, we quickly learned he would be eager to run from our embraces. Any chance he would get as a puppy, he would duck and dig under fences, swiftly bypass the front door when it opened even five inches, and speed down the driveway navigating our hilly little street. He’d run so fast, his ears would fly back as he jetted straight to his best friend, Toby.

Toby is a Goldendoodle born just months after him. There isn’t a puddle he doesn’t love nor a dog chase he won’t romp in. They are like two little toddlers, sharing a dialogue only best friends can understand. But when Toby wasn’t around, Pach would sit just staring out the window, waiting for a chance to play.

About five years ago, my heart was tugging at the idea of a puppy sibling for Pace. As I have always done, I set intentions with the moon. At the New Moon in Cancer in 2016, I set the intention for expansion, and planted a two-dog home seed. In 2017, at the January Full Moon in Cancer, I let go of being a one-dog household and continued to envision another dog in our family. Long story short, we rescued a Goldendoodle named Cali two months later.

She looked similar to Toby but was a bit timid and calmer. Shely is very human-like; we joke that she doesn’t know she is a dog.

She came to us because she was a sock eater, and after so many surgeries to remove socks and underwear from her belly, the owners gave up on her. The vet rescued her, and she found her way to us.

Along with the warning to watch out for socks because her body could not make it through another surgery, she came complete with food, a crate, clothes, and even a doggie portrait.

We have never seen her attempt to eat socks or underwear. Not once. Until last week. She ingested something, which led to emergency surgery and a vast scare her body may not be able to do what we needed it to. After what I would describe as a panicked 48 hours, she made it through surgery and is home recovering.

While we haven’t fully understood why she ate the random pink fabric milked from her body, we suspect it may be due to some changes; losing some doggy weight, welcoming our first foster daughter, and we provide respite care for other kiddos. So our home may feel a bit different for her.

So what does all of this have to do with the next New Moon?

The New Moon on Tuesday, June 28th, at 9:52 p.m. CST, falls in the zodiac sign of Cancer, the same New Moon in which our journey with her began. We set an intention at the New Moon, then six months later, at the Full Moon, we release what isn’t working to make space for our intention to unfold. Here we are five years later, experiencing this intense event right before this New Moon in Cancer. A blessed reminder of the power of the moon cycles, and I am grateful for the opportunity we get to set new intentions for our family.

This moon will highlight our homes, the way we nest, our relationship with the domestic side of ourselves, and our ancestral roots. It is the perfect New Moon for setting intentions for our homes, communities, and animals. It will feel emotionally delightful to retreat to tune in to our needs so that we feel ready to act on them.

Here are five areas to set intentions with for the next New Moon in Cancer:

1. It goes without saying, this is an excellent time to set new intentions and goals for the gift that is our animals. As I did for Pace and Cali, we can welcome new animals, intend for a healing pathway, or help them reach other goals. As I sit here writing, I glance over to see Cali’s recovering body, sleepy and resting from the painkillers. I can hear her growling tummy and feel gratitude for the breath that makes her belly rise. Our dogs will certainly be in my New Moon intentions this week.

2. This new moon highlights a connection to parenting and all the nurturing we do. Reflect on these areas setting new intentions for parenting the inner child, nurturing self and others, and reflect on a more grounded parenting plan if that applies. Now is the perfect time to ensure that we nurture ourselves as much, if not more, than we do others.

3. Setting intentions for all familial relationships (both biological and chosen) will allow us to gain clarity around our inner world and roots. If there are misunderstandings to clear up, boundaries to enforce, or relationship challenges within the family, we can use this moon to set an intention for harmony. This is not inferring unnecessary apologies; it only means we set an intention for acceptance and peace; however that may look.

4. This is an excellent time to consider our relationship with our cells and bodies. We will all benefit from keeping a positive attitude toward our physical vessel, as we are gentle with ourselves. We can set new intentions for our vitality and health, and appreciate our bodies by identifying what we love. If we do have body image challenges or heavy negative self-talk, now is the time to rid of it.

5. For those who have goals with our physical homes, this is the new moon to activate them. They may be linked to remodeling, redecorating, organizing, moving, adding on, or finishing other projects around the home. Think about all the changes and shifts we are hoping for in our physical environments and put them out there by writing, visioning, doing Feng Shui, or making a plan to consult support.

May these points spark inspiration to unfold, and may the journey of our dogs inspire the power of moon cycle living. It works, and as I always say, I couldn’t make it up if I tried.

It does not matter how you set your intention—journaling, typing, talking about it, breathing and thinking, visualizing, it all moves energy. I prefer to keep my journals in my Moon Cycle Memoirs book, so I have a log, but there is not a “right” way to do so. Just do something so that this moon’s nurturing, grounding, secure energy activates for you.

I always love to hear how you choose to do so; please do let me know in the comments what resonates.


New Moon


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