August 12, 2022

Why we should Move Silently with Confidence & Love this Leo Season.


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


Uranus has just conjunct our north node in Taurus and I am finally feeling the energy subside.

This appears to have been the anticipated astrological event of the last few weeks. Ever since the Pisces portal opened up in mid-April, which was then followed by an eclipse season in May, the energy has felt consistently intense. Even though the eclipse season ended in June, the energy had remained consistently elevated for now three and a half months.

Preceding these eclipses, I experienced a panic attack on one of my daily walks as I tapped into the collective energy, which had not happened in months. It was soon followed by a knowing that the next big contraction in this birthing process was going to occur soon. After a long period of feeling as though I lost my purpose in life, it was during this portal that I recommitted to my writing.

Although I started this eclipse season feeling highly inspired to write and was actively writing, I apparently had to do some more of my own purging. I only recently recovered from a short, but intense dating experience with a man who I came to discover was highly narcissistic and triggered so many of my wounds. When I finally saw who he was, I experienced a dizzying week of subconscious beliefs swirling around in my head; so many of them I could not even keep track. Beliefs and programs I thought I had cleared a long time ago, just kept popping up to the surface. Hopefully, this is just part of the purging process so that I can finally stop attracting this situation into my life.

During this eclipse season, everyone I knew also encountered similar situations. However, it was as if the dynamics in our lives had been amplified exponentially, which hopefully means that we are further clearing old paradigms to continue assisting us in detaching from this 3D matrix. One of the main paradigm shifts that I believe we were shifting is stepping out of control dramas, which I wrote about in detail in my last article.

Between July 3rd through the 7th, we passed through the Sirius Gateway, which occurs when our sun comes into conjunction with the star Sirius. This activates an energetic portal between the Earth and the star Sirius, which is considered our spiritual sun. The weekend of the Sirius Gateway, I embarked on a mystical road trip.

On July 2nd, I made it as far as one can travel by car up Mt. Shasta. I had only previously made it as far as Panther Meadow, which is one of the sacred sites on the mountain. The road, which travels approximately 9,000 of the 14,500 feet, is only accessible from July through October. The mountain definitely put on a spectacular show to welcome the arrival of this gateway.

Earlier that day, there was barely a cloud in sight. However, as the day progressed, every imaginable cloud formation that I have ever witnessed here slowly started to make its appearance. I first noticed an enormous lenticular cloud, which Mt. Shasta is famous for, followed by wispy angel-like clouds that darted throughout the sky. Then, gigantic fluffy white clouds, which attempted to conceal what appeared to be UFOs, joined the spectacular display of the Mt. Shasta sky.

As I traveled passed Panther Meadows, the energy intensified. Once I exited the car, I felt as though I could touch the lenticular clouds. I had been up this mountain several times but it never felt like this. The next day, I went to Crater Lake, which has been calling me since last year. Crater Lake is another sacred site for vision quests and Shamanic initiations. Although it held different energy than Mt. Shasta, it was quite spectacular, mystical, and otherworldly. The clouds and water were quite amazing as they kept shifting in shape and color.

After returning home, I read about this conjuncture and felt that this was going to be the next contraction. I then experienced a period of intense exhaustion and finally came to terms with the notion that I needed this rest to fully integrate this energy. “Divine tiredness” as Tim Whild refers to it, seems to occur after these major astrological shifts, which allows us to upgrade to this new consciousness. It appeared as though everything has been leading up to this alignment of Uranus and our north node and the energy now feels calmly surreal, which may be the calm before the storm.

The last time Uranus (the planet of sudden change and awareness) conjunct our north node (our karma or destiny) in Taurus (which rules over finances, agriculture, the environment, and what we value) was when World War II began. Additionally, most of our outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are now in retrograde, with Uranus joining this retrograde storm in October. When a planet goes retrograde, whatever the theme of the planet, this will lead us to examine the subconscious material associated with it.

Because this one is with just the outer planets, the focus is on the collective unconscious. For the past few weeks, many of my lightworker friends have been contacting me asking about this conjunction and what I think will happen. Unlike previously, I felt as though I needed to know what was coming because I wanted to be a step ahead of it in order to prepare. This time, I felt a bit less attached to the outcome. Nonetheless, it feels big, but I wondered, will it be as big as we think?

Although so many of us are anticipating the collapse of the 3D matrix and would love to see some dramatic ending, it is more likely that we will continue experiencing contractions to continue this evolution. It may be that the intensity we are feeling is that many of us have upgraded to a new level in this shift.

As I mentioned in a previous article, “We create our reality with our thoughts, behaviors, and intentions, consciously and subconsciously. Therefore, our beliefs, actions, intentions, and what we choose to focus on hold immense power. If we are focusing our attention on the 3D matrix and the antics of a small group of people, we are essentially giving it power and keeping it alive. If we are living in fear, we are keeping fear alive. If we are feeling angry, hopeless, or victimized, we are keeping that alive as well. If we focus on our rights being taken away, for example, it is more likely to happen…If we all collectively focused our thoughts and intentions on a world based on love and light, we can definitely manifest it.”

As the month of July was coming to an end, I felt like I needed to take a break from my “work” and really dive into my writing. It seems as though the energy for August (Leo season) is calling for some peaceful contemplation. Although Leo symbolizes strength and confidence, it also is symbolic of being big-hearted knowing that love is our true strength.

As we approach Lion’s Gate, let’s channel the strength of the lion, walking silently into this new paradigm with love and confidence. So, now I will continue on with my writing in a state of peaceful bliss taking time to sit in silence and continue holding the light. Sending you all peace and love.


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