November 30, 2022

Gemini Full Moon: Be a Warrior for Love. {December 7}


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 “Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


“You will learn a lot about yourself if you stretch in the direction of goodness, of bigness, of kindness, of forgiveness, of emotional bravery. Be a warrior for love.” ~ Cheryl Strayed 


We all know at this point in the game of life how to be a warrior for a cause.

How to rally our passion and disdain for the brokenness of the world or systems as we perceive it or them to be. How to bear arms of aggression toward the injustice we witness daily in our world still. It is easy to fight for a cause. It is easy to fight in anger and outcry these days especially. So many are hurting, suffering, being killed and harmed. There are failing systems in place with broken unmet promises for protection of humanity.

We are all a little (or a lot) riled up these days. This last year was a firecracker of events, one after the next, to fully shake us awake—the rug having been pulled out underneath our feet, setting us upon the quaking ground of instability, over and over again. We have had to face the darkness of the past, of our own psyches, of our own addictions, our own fears, of the toxicity in ourselves, our world, and our relations. We were thrown headfirst into the swimming pool of alchemical transmutation. Only, we forgot we were the ones meant to transmute the pain back into love—that that was our power that we have been told time and time again we are separate and severed from.

But, what if this was the power of delusion and disempowerment bent on keeping us enslaved to our fears and forever limited by the mind neurosis of our own forgotten source of strength and courage?

Because we get to choose now. We get to choose what beliefs we are participating in. We get to choose what perspective we focus on. We get to choose what world we create, by first being a part of the crumbling and the death.

Yeah, we get to be here, as souls, for the death of our world as we know it. Scary? Terrifying? Absolutely. And still, there is great courage innately in the choice as souls to be here at this time. We came with that courage and bravery, whether we’ve misplaced it into the hands of another, or hidden it from our own view in corners and pockets of self-avoidance and forgetfulness.

The year 2022 brought even more energy of death, of endings, of letting go, of being between worlds, of not having quite yet been reborn, of swimming in the muck of discomfort and unknown territory. The astrology though, always reminds us of the timeliness of such energy. Because there are no mistakes. There is nothing missing. Nothing wrong with what is happening. Nothing to fix. Nothing to blame. Just energy making itself known. You, the universe, making itself known as itself. And, boy, what a trip it’s been.

The final full moon of the year will be landing on December 7 at 11:08 PM EST in the air sign of Gemini, at 16 degrees. This full moon closes out the year with some heat and intensity to remind us that none of the inner work we’ve done has been in vain and life has nothing but adoration and acknowledgement for all that we’ve healed and been through this last year—because we had to become the warrior to get to where we are. And, yes, the warrior channels ferocity, determination, strength, and courage. But, also, the warrior many of us have been feeling is the warrior for love, for healing, for transformation, for freedom. Both can co-exist as one. One in all and all in one.

This full moon will be exactly conjunct Mars retrograde in the sign of Gemini as well. A double dose of Gemini energy, stirring the whirling of the mind, activating our mental bodies, our ideas, our communication, our obsessions, our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, the world at present, and what has transpired this last year. Gemini energy is heavy on the mind and often forgetful of the heart energy to hold us steady. Let the air take us away into worry or fear and we lose our steadiness. But, Gemini can also bring levity and lightness to the otherwise density of human experience at times.

Being conjunct Mars, we have a hefty dose of warrior energy. Mars is the planet of war, action, and aggression. The moon (our emotional body and subconscious mind) will be pairing off exactly to this energy. Sound like a tense, volatile, perhaps ferocious meeting in the skies? There absolutely can be that with this full moon. Our emotions could feel agitated by anger, frustration, irritation, and hostility, whether inwardly or outwardly. We could feel more easily triggered by others’ communication or actions, and simultaneously be quicker to communicate in aggressive or harsh ways with others.

This is a full moon to watch our communication and take a moment to pause before reacting and instead respond accordingly—especially before Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, that rules our mind and communication, goes retrograde on December 29. We can think of this full moon as a prelude and way to prepare ourselves for a smoother sailing retrograde.

Being that Mars is currently retrograde (where it really doesn’t like to be), in the sign of Gemini for a little while now, and will remain until January 12, 2023, we all have been feeling perhaps a little thwarted with our future action steps. When Mars is in retrograde, we are asked to slow down, revisit, and get clear on where we want to go next. It’s a time to find the flow of energy where we can and not to force things, or a time to take stock of our frustration and emotions when things are not flowing smoothly; it’s a time to tend to the inner unmet needs and child within, impatient and eager to get what they want and to get it now.

But this energy tells us to mind our patience and energy of the warrior. We all have an inner warrior. Maybe, it was one we met through the shards of trauma, through the devastation of a breakup, through the healing crisis of the body, through a breakdown of systems in the world. Having an inner warrior is necessary—a pivotal archetypal energy that absolutely has a purpose and a need. But, we must have the discernment to know when to set down the weapons of aggression and fight toward ourselves or others.

Especially, toward the self. Because that inner fight is where the violence begins. If we are shooting arrows and darts of poison and venom into our own hearts, we have already lost the battle—because how can we at all expect ourselves to bring healing to the world if we are wounding ourselves over and over again? These darts were the misfired ones, bent from unexpressed and unacknowledged pain, now reverberating through us, as if we were deserving of reexperiencing this pain, self-attack, and punishment cycle.

This full moon may amp up the inner warrior energy, but awareness is key. Without awareness, we are victim to emotion and energy. We may not have a choice in the energy but we have a choice in how to funnel that energy. Any sort of physical release would be good to have as support during this full moon—exercise, movement, breath work, literally shaking our bodies and releasing the energy out that way, giving the physical body the needed support so it doesn’t have to carry the energetic load as much as we have made it do over the course of our lifetime.

Mars can absolutely be associated with the physical body, as it rules the sign of Aries (our physical body). Our physical bodies are not separate from the energy—from our emotions or from our unprocessed pain. Our bodies are innately connected to it all. They communicate to us constantly. And yet, many of us have developed numbing and escapism strategies to silence the body’s communication. So, the body’s messages come through as pain, various levels of severity to get our attention, to ask us, “Are we truly listening?”

We can often perceive the body’s discomfort, pain, and imbalance as something to fix, something to be feared, or a punishment for prior actions—all disempowering stances. But, what if pain or bodily discomfort was a good sign? A sign that we are feeling again. That we are reconnecting. That we are coming home, back to the body. Back from the land of disassociation and numbness. Maybe, that’s the message—that in the feeling, we are reconnecting back to the intelligence of these bodies.

And, sure, coming home after a lifetime of self-numbing is not easy or straight-forward process, but it is the journey—the real spiritual journey. Not one to escape the body, but one to become at home in the body.

And, with Chiron (the wounded healer) in the sign of Aries in retrograde for the last few months, we have been reflecting on the healing journey we have been on in regards to the self and our physical body. We all have been doing the deep work of addressing and healing our wounds, and this energy has not let up at all. Thankfully, Chiron will be going direct on December 23 and we can pat ourselves on the backs for the intense (and brave beyond belief) healing work we’ve done thus far. The healing work continues, but maybe not as the pinnacle of our daily existence, just a background energy we can plug into as needed.

The sun has been in the fire sign of Sagittarius for a few weeks now. This energy has brought a reinvigoration of the spirit after some heavier, denser Scorpio waters. A renewed vitality for life, for adventure, for taking a risk, for exploring, for doing something outside of our comfort zones. It was the needed energy to get us moving and excited about life again after a lot of dense emotional energy. Sagittarius is the optimist, the go-getter, the inspiration we need to remember that life can be fun, if we so choose it.

Venus (the planet of our relationships, money, and self value) has also been in the sign of Sagittarius. Our relationships may have been given a boost of energy, a reinvigoration of heart and spirit, of playfulness and fun. Of celebration. As many in the United States just celebrated and gathered around the turkey (or non-turkey) holiday, this was the perfect energy for that occasion.

And, still, many of us (due to choice, occupation, or otherwise sovereignly opting out) chose not to participate in the traditional sense of such a day with family of origin, and perhaps took a different Sagittarius-infused path of solo adventure and self-exploration. That was the medicine we needed to feel free and liberated to give ourselves exactly what we needed this year. And, thankfully, the typical dose of guilt and shame seemed to leave us alone this year, as perhaps, we had already worked through that energy in the weeks prior. The holidays are no longer obligatory. We all get to choose how or if we celebrate. And there is great freedom and healing in that.

This full moon in Gemini is a fiery one, no doubt, and yet, we always have a choice in how we direct the energy. Maybe, it can bring more passion and zest to our otherwise more dull or uninspired-feeling lives or current situations. We can remember how to channel that passion into an inspired action. How to use that warrior energy to claim more of ourselves and our inspiration.

Gemini is the sign of duality, of seeing the possibilities, of counter ends of the spectrum. Of curiosity, of intellectual seeking and understanding. Of seeking to understand life through the mind. But, we know that the mind only gets us so far. Sagittarius energy reminds us to take inspired action—but, not from a heated place of aggression. Or of spun out warrior energy.

We are all warriors. Warriors for something. Warriors for peace. For justice. For fairness. For freedom. For liberation. For equality. For well-being. For love. For healing. We can choose to be a warrior in the highest, exalted sense. For love, for healing, for peace. Because lord knows, we all need more of that in our world these days. It doesn’t negate or spiritually bypass the need for anger or charge for change, but we can use both and temper it all for better intended outcomes of change and evolution.

Notice the energy of anger around this full moon. Notice the fire. Notice the heat. Breathe it in and breathe it deeply out. Into the earth. Into the waters. For cleansing and renewal. Remember it’s just energy moving through you. It is not you. It is not who you are.

You are the vessel, the channel for healing and alchemy. Let this full moon remind you how to release the gasket of your own emotional barometer. How to be so attuned to what you and your physical body are needing. How to tend to yourself and your emotions. How to swim in them and not get swept away or drown.

Let this full moon close out a year of great challenge, transformation, and release. Let yourself off the hook. Let the pressure off yourself to be anything but who you are in this moment. Human. Soul. Embodied being. Learning how to be here. How to return to love. How to embody love as truth. How to come home. How to feel at home in the self. How to bring more love to anything feeling without love.

Let that be the needed medicine always available and within reach. Let that eternal flame and light guide you home now and always.


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