November 8, 2022

My motto for this precious life we get to live.


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If more of us vote, there’s nothing we can’t change for the kinder. Hope breeds hope. Encourage your friends to vote—even if they vote differently than you. Democracy is fragile—it’s about finding a way to work together, instead of fueling hate and war. War solves nothing—it hurts everything we love. Let’s care more about democracy than winning at all costs.

Give a care, my motto for this precious life we get to live.

Vote! Make a plan to vote today, if you’re in the US of A. Have you voted yet? If you have, encourage one friend to vote!

Vote! For Love! Not Hate! For kindness—for caring for our planet and our and our children and our grandchildren’s future and our communities, even those we disagree with.

Politics isn’t just about politics. It’s about life—food, war, peace, education, healthcare for our loved ones and our sweet selves, the right to vote, the right to equality, policing, our ability to fight climate change before it’s too late. Vote!


We’re voting.

We’re encouraging our friends to vote.

We’re grateful for a roof over our heads, and good, real food in our tummies.

We’re concerned about democracy.

We’re hugging our loved ones.

We’re listening to the response when we ask folks, “How are you?”

We’re concerned about Putin, and the rise of fascist weak power-hungry boys around the world.

We’re taking deep breaths through stress, speediness.

We’re putting our phone down and enjoying the present moment, a bird alighting on a branch.

We’re concerned about women’s rights, gay rights, equal rights, anti-semitism.

We’re skipping single-use plastic, which kills animals and directly fuels climate crisis.

We’re reading journalism.

We’re concerned about inflation, which is global, and housing prices, and the accumulation of extreme wealth by the 1%.

We’re concerned about the extremism that profit-seeking tech bros are actively encouraging.

We’re meditating, each morning.

We’re concerned about the takeover of the GOP by Trumpers who are more concerned about winning than [democracy itself] ensuring free and fair elections.

We’re meditating, each evening.

We’re bicycling, doing a little yoga, going for a walk, reaching out to friends and checking in on them.

We’re saying good night to the stars, each night. We’re saying good morning to the world, each morning.

We’re enjoying coffee, for-here.

We’re doing our part to tilt the world’s attention toward fighting climate crisis.

We’re asking you to vote.

We’re leaving Twitter.

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