May 26, 2023

Sagittarius Full Moon: Expanding Our Inner Vision. {June 3/4}

“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


Expansion seeks to be known

Through us, as us,

To be felt and experienced 

As cosmic energies,

Moving us into greater possibility,

Less encumbered by limited mind self,

More bolstered by a sense of freedom,

In allowing ourselves to be unknown,

Cosmic forces colliding,

And aligning as sacred star dust,

Becoming the SuperNova you

Have always been,

Only forgot.

Can you trust the earth enough

To ground you as your wings

Take flight again?

Many of us know what it feels like to be compressed, limited, confined in spaces too small, to be restricted to one form, one perspective, one belief system, one right/wrong way of seeing life and the world.

We know how it feels to be pressed with pressure so intense we feel as if we might break. To feel as if safety in confinement is better than facing the fear of expansion into what has yet to be known and experienced.

We have endured the past few years, maybe longer, in these energies of pressurized growth. Forced to feel and know these restrictive energies. To remember how our souls crave freedom, adventure, and growth when those things are stripped from us through various life challenges, collective or individual manifestations of such.

Restriction of the spirit becomes the norm, and the vitality of the soul our cost of freedom. We forget what it’s like to breathe and be in formless expansive energy and allow ourselves to feel the true freedom and innate energy of the soul. We become afraid of the expansion. We fear expansion because restriction has become our safe place. And yet, we feel trapped, suffocated, and stifled, as if the only way to release the gasket of pressure is to scream into the cosmic abyss in hopes that that energy will funnel its way back to us, and as a deeper call and way to proclaim with our inner, caged wildness, “I’m still alive! Let me be alive!”

Because we are still alive. We are still full of life, even if we forgot along the way how to breathe our energy into that life and vitality alongside so much struggle, death, challenge, and deep soul initiations. We forgot how to allow the cosmic divine energy to enliven our spirit again.

But, the energies of this upcoming full moon in Sagittarius, on June 3 at 11:43 p.m. EST are here to remind us how to come alive and expand back into freedom and possibility, if we so choose to fearlessly open up to it. Landing at 13 degrees of the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius energy reminds us to release the shackles of our own limited minds and choose to see ourselves from a widened out perspective of truth. To ask the question: do you see yourself clearly enough to know when you aren’t seeing yourself clearly?

Because it is through recognition of faulty and limited self vision that we can open to truer vision, more aligned with our soul’s truth. To be humble enough to admit we might not see ourselves or things as they truly are. That we might have missed the sacredness of life all along, stitched and woven within us too.

This Sagittarius full moon is a zesty one, here to ignite our inner freedom fighter, because no matter what’s been done to us, there is an inner warrior here seeking the truth. Seeking to be free from the shackles of self-imposed restraint. This full moon is directly working and connecting with the potent Galactic magnet and center point of the “Great Attractor,” an energy outside of our solar system but cosmically powerful. This energy aligns directly with this full moon to give us a boost of psychic vision, inner awakening truths, and cosmic downloads to reinvigorate us. This energy is showing us how we are growing on an energetic and soul level, what we are truly capable of, and what we aspire to do or become next. Connecting the higher all-seeing mind with the more limited scope of the human mind and showing us what we need to see and know about our path now.

The smaller mind is Gemini energy, of which we are now moving through, with the sun having moved into this air sign on May 21. Gemini is fast, quick moving, mental, intellectual seeking and stimulating, curious-as-a-cat energy. Gemini is all about living and knowing life through the mental processes and understanding of them. The energy of learning, seeking, and attaining knowledge. Both Gemini and Sagittarius energies are here to enhance our desire for more knowledge, understanding, perspective, and understanding of life through the lived and also thought about vantage points. It can absolutely bring a restless energy to it, where we feel stirred up and activated, ready to move forward into action. But without clear vision and direction, we may feel scattered and spin our energy out into realms of no real value or energetic return.

This full moon will be moving through the same areas as Mars did, retrograde in Gemini a few months ago. It could perhaps be a time to circle back to themes we were moving through in those six long month from the near end of 2022 into 2023. It was a time to reflect upon the possibilities and options we do have in life and to not see things from such a finite perspective, but as fluid and ever-changing, us becoming more versatile and adaptive as we go.

The energies of the planets these days surely ask that of us. With all the solar flares and escalations in the Schumann resonance fields, amidst astrological energies, we all sometimes feel as if we are churning and burning the light at two ends of the candlestick, spinning upside down, flipped inside and out, just wondering, what the heck is going on and when we will finally feel clear and stable again.

Well, this full moon energy is another activation point. But, hopefully, bringing in more clear vision of self, life, and future path. Where we have been, where we are going next, and who we truly are. More often than not, our minds and emotional barometers are shaped by how we are seeing ourselves and life at any given moment. Change your perspective; change your energy and life trajectory. We can absolutely use the mind to our advantage rather than disadvantage. Easy? No. Possible? Absolutely, with the right practice and commitment.

The mind can be the master, or we can slowly become the master of it, using it as the tool it was meant to be to expand our lives. Sagittarius energy wants just that for us, to expand us out of the small, fearful, limited mind into the world of infinite possibility. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, a cosmic energy of growth, expansion, and possibility.

Being that Jupiter just moved into Taurus for the next year-long cycle of insight and growth, we have with us some grounded, practical, and resourceful Taurus energy here with us to help bring our vision to life. To start building the needed foundations of future vision and set the groundwork for what we are seeking to create next. Taurus energy was further sparked by that new moon in Taurus on May 19, setting the seeds of intention on future groundwork building. Jupiter in Taurus is here to support and bolster our vision, but we must put in the work to reach our goals and manifest the vision too.

Mars in Leo now is supportive of this action-oriented energy. Mars feels empowered and in his element here. Ready to go and move our energy into action. It need not be big, life-altering action, or it may be. Step by step though. Grounded truth by grounded truth. Rooted in trust and rooted in heart.

Pluto, newly in Aquarius (and retrograde), will be transiting back through Capricorn on June 11/12 and won’t return to Aquarius until January 2024. We are going back to finish any incomplete soul growth business. To dig a little deeper into our truth and reveal any withheld truths from self so we can transform on even deeper levels. To let go even more of the foundations built on illusions, false truths, and unsustainable energies for who we are now. Because not everything is meant to go with us. We are always spiritually evolving, and that means we can’t stay the same or find false safety in things staying the same.

Jupiter will be conjunct the north node in Taurus with this full moon illumination, reminding us of who we are becoming and still seeking to become. Of the true North Star guiding us forward always, illuminating more of our sacred contract to our souls, to allow for the expansion and growth, even if we still fear it. Reminding us that becoming who we truly are on a soul level is the service and purpose to ourselves and to the world.

Saturn in Pisces will be stationing retrograde on June 17, a continuous energy that is showing us what we are done with, cycles we need to close out so we can make room for the new energy that already is making its way to us. This retrograde will be a time to reassess and reevaluate the structures of our lives and if they are truly serving us and our spiritual and soul growth moving forward.

This full moon in Sagittarius will bring us the inspiration we need to remember how it feels to be excited about life again, if we are open to those energies. Mercury will be conjunct Uranus, so we may receive quick revelations, fast insights and messages needed to remind us how to expand back into possibility. Can we bring these insights into the tangible reality though? Ground them deeply into the body? Into the lived, breathed experience of life? That’s where the magic and alchemy is.

This full moon brings us enough grounded energy to do just that. The energies of Gemini and Sagittarius love to create with the ideology of play, experimentation, and curiosity. We need these energies in order to elevate our minds into truer vision of what it is we seek to create. And then to funnel those energies back into the embodied reality of the here and now.

Venus will be in Leo June 5 through October 10, entering its own retrograde on July 22. Venus in Leo is here to remind us how to revel in the beauty of play, inspiration, and creativity, of funneling that inner child energy toward a new heartfelt creation.

Because, what is life if we aren’t living it through the energy of creation? We have all been through so much death by now, and so too is that a part of life. But creation energy reminds us how to feel vital and alive again. This full moon is a time to reawaken to inner knowing, inner seeing, inner truth, inner vision, and inner freedom. We have all that we need within to awaken.

Sagittarius energy wants us to live life. To break us out of self-imposed imprisonment, to shake us awake. To shake us like the snow globe and let the dust settle where it may. To not be attached to the prior forms of self. To choose to believe in faith and optimism again, because we can. To choose to free our own minds. To choose a life of adventure, even if fear still has much to say about that.

Because we came to this planet to live. And, eventually to let go. But, for now while we are here, can we let ourselves live even just 10 percent more? Start there with safe, embodied, and attainable expansion points. Then, play with the edges of that growth.

Expansion is here for us, in the infinite options we have at our disposal, in each quantum moment. But we must choose to align with it. Full breath in, full breath out.

Allow this full moon to expand your heart as much as your mind. To expand your courage in relation to your fear. To expand your energy back into truth. To feel and know what is true for you now. Sacred. Seeking. Soul. Awakening. To. Truth. And. Inner. Vision.

Let this vision expand you and free you all at once. And let freedom be safer than confinement.

Your wings are ready. Your roots in self sovereignty and truth are deeper now.

Can you trust yourself enough to fly again?


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