June 16, 2023

Taking the Road Less Traveled: The E’ Trecena in the Sacred Mayan Calendar. {June 19-July 1}

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The traveler sees what they see, the tourist sees what they have come to see.” ~ Gilbert K. Chesterton


Where have you been? Where are you going?

Are you a tourist or a traveler in this life?

In the sacred Mayan calendar, there are 20 day tones or Nahuales. One of them is the Nahual E’, which represents the road and the path of life. It guides our inner and outer journeys to connect with our essence, and its totem animal is the roadrunner.

E’ is the ruler of the upcoming trecena (13-day period) starting on June 19 (see details about the energy of each day below).

E’ brings adventure, exploration, and movement to help us evolve and grow.

This Nahual bridges cultures and the spiritual and human dimensions, inviting us to take a leap of faith and go on a personal quest.

E’ represents movement, the teeth and the feet. To honor this energy, the Mayan spiritual guide I work with most often will typically go around the circle in a fire ceremony to bless each person’s outstretched feet, asking for the ancestors to protect us in all our travels and sojourns. He encourages us to use our feet to walk, to dance, and to blaze new trails.

Most E’ days are said to be ideal for physical travel and specifically for embarking on a journey. Nahual E’ may also inspire us to take a deep inner exploration through meditation, prayer, contemplation, and yoga to integrate and remember our true nature and purpose.

This dynamic energy may bring up a sense of restlessness or itchy feet. E’ people tend to be sensitive souls who love meeting people and taking long-distance trips, yet they also must spend time in solitude to recharge.

E’ carries the reminder that life and travel isn’t about the final destination but rather the mindful journey of each day. Gautama Buddha might’ve well been an E’ person.

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”Matsuo Basho

How to connect with E’

Travel to an unexplored place, whether near or far from your home.

Explore a new culture, strike up a conversation with a stranger, go for a bike ride, or a walk through the meadow and find a trail that’s new to you.

Embrace the moment with curiosity and an open mind.

Write about one of your most memorable journeys. Where did you go? What made it special?

Make a list of the places you’d like to visit in the coming months and years.

What spiritual path or lineage are you drawn to explore and learn more about?

Write about a time when you had to choose between two paths and how that unfolded.

The following 13 days comprise the upcoming E’ Trecena:

1 E’/June 19
Take the first steps on a new path. This is the journey of the pioneer; explore and be willing to try something new. Ask for clarity on your path.

2 Aj/June 20
Weigh the options of home comforts versus being on the road. Consider how travel affects your relationships.

3 Ix/June 21
Happy Solstice! Look within to connect with your sacred self and deepen your connection to Mother Nature.

4 Tz’ikin/June 22
Ask for clarity of vision. What is your path and how can you prosper on it? Bring your dream or vision down to earth.

5 Ajmaq/June 23
Focus on forgiveness and ancestral wisdom. Give yourself some time off from your day job today, if possible.

6 No’j/June 24
Consolidate your knowledge about the new path you’re on; do the research to analyze what works for you and what doesn’t.

7 Tijax/June 25
Cut the last cord; set yourself free. This is a day of ultimate healing by letting go of what no longer serves or benefits.

8 Kawok/June 26
Celebrate new life. Give gratitude to female healers, teachers, and midwives. Dedicate a ritual to Grandmother Turtle.

9 Ajpu/June 27
Seek the hidden/mystery on your divine life path. Honor your whole life and the divine feminine within you.

10 Imox /June 28
Manifest the communal dream. Connect with natural bodies of water, sitting near or swimming in one if possible.

11 Iq/June 29
Prepare for unpredictable winds of change. Let your creative spirit meander aimlessly. Communication may be distracted.

12 Aq’ab’al/June 30
Embrace the new dawn. Be open to revelation. See the light you carry thanks to the path of your cumulative life experiences

13 K’at/July 1
What are you carrying or gathering from Spirit and the ancestors? It’s an ideal day for channeling and divination.


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