August 29, 2023

5 Books to Connect with your Feminine Energy.

At the age of 13, my world took an unexpected turn.

It was a time when my gynaecological health issues began.

Long and painful periods were just the beginning; they soon transformed into relentless, never-ending cycles that ushered in a series of visits to my gynaecologist’s office. What followed were years of misdiagnoses, hormonal treatments, and painful injections.

I found myself grappling with anaemia due to the excessive bleeding, and I faced moments of embarrassment at school when even the thickest night pad couldn’t contain the heavy flow. And then, before I even turned 15, I was placed on birth control, a measure “to quiet the storm” within.

It’s hardly a surprise that my connection with my body and its intricate feminine mechanisms grew complex and challenging during those early years. However, amidst these struggles, a spark of curiosity ignited within me, especially once I decided to transition away from the pill and explore more natural ways of supporting my body.

As a devoted book lover, I knew that the answers I sought might just lie within the pages of some insightful reads. I embarked on a journey to find books that could not only help improve my relationship with my body but also provide insights and guidance on connecting with the profound feminine energy that resides within.

So, in this article, I’m sharing with you some of those books—ones that have been like cherished companions, revisited at different milestones in my life. Not only have they enriched my personal journey, but I’ve also found myself recommending them to my hypnotherapy clients and friends who are on their own paths of discovery.

1. Pussy: A Reclamation by Regina Thomassaur

Pussy: Reclamation by Regina Thomassaur isn’t your typical book. Regina calls out the taboos that have silenced female sexuality for way too long. It’s like she’s holding a lantern, guiding us toward reclaiming our bodies’ sovereignty.

My first encounter with this book was like dipping my toes in unfamiliar waters. Some parts resonated, but others felt distant, like I wasn’t ready to fully dive in. Time passed, and I revisited it—a decision that paid off in spades. The words took on new meaning, striking chords I hadn’t noticed before. I couldn’t stop reading, going through it twice in a row.

What truly resonated with me were Regina’s personal stories—her courage in sharing her journey, along with her rituals and practices. These sections were like discovering hidden treasures, where theoretical concepts came to life in the most authentic way. I found myself deeply touched by her unfiltered honesty, even shedding tears on more than one occasion as I connected with the raw emotion behind her words.

2. Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell

Where do I begin with Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell? This book kickstarted it all for me—my awakening, my reconnection with what truly lights up my soul. It’s the reason I rediscovered my love for writing, self-growth, and everything that makes me curious about feminine energy.

Rebecca Campbell isn’t your usual self-help author; she sprinkles her own poetry throughout the book.There are also activations and the gentlest practices and techniques that make you want to hug the book.

This book opens with Rebecca sharing her personal awakening journey. After the success of her first book, she found herself drifting away from her own feminine energy. She realized it was time to slow down, and that decision set off a fascinating chain of events. This book is a call for collective empowerment. It’s like Rebecca’s cheering us all on, telling us to embrace our divine femininity and rise together. She draws from ancient wisdom and modern spirituality, creating this beautiful tapestry of guidance.

3. Goddess Wisdom by Tanishka

Let me introduce you to Goddess Wisdom by Tanishka. In these pages, you’ll dive into the history of the goddess tradition and feminine archetypes, the author links them to corresponding chakras—a holistic approach that’s truly illuminating.

She shares practices, tools, and techniques that are super easy to follow. Trust me, I’ve picked up books about goddess traditions and history before and got stuck somewhere around the introduction. This is a book that is easy to follow and read.

What sets this book apart is its relevance. Tanishka bridges the gap between ancient tales and our lives today, showing how goddess energies continue to shape us. It’s like discovering the archetypal forces residing within each of us.

4. Tao Tantric Arts for Women by Minke deVos

Now, let’s explore the pages of Tao Tantric Arts for Women by Minke deVos—a comprehensive guide that leads us into the world of Taoist and tantric practices. I’ve got to be honest—this wasn’t a walk in the park for me. There were so many practices that, if I attempted them all at once, I’d end up drowning in overwhelm. So, here’s what I did: I took it step by step. I’d pick it up, put it down, and return when I was ready to soak in more.

Whether it’s solo exploration, working with a jade egg, or embracing practices with a partner, there’s something for everyone. What sets this book apart? It’s not just a manual of techniques; it’s Minke deVos sharing her essence on every page. Her experiences resonate through her words, harmonizing with the wisdom drawn from Chinese energy medicine and Universal Tao healing practices.

I’ve had my share of tantric courses and jade egg practices but let me tell you, the depth of Tao Tantric Arts for Women is unparalleled. It doesn’t merely reinforce existing knowledge; it expands horizons, unveiling fresh perspectives. Whether you’re already acquainted with tantra or simply curious about diving into your sensual self, this book is a gem.

5. Period Power: Harness Your Hormones and Get Your Cycle Working For You by Maise Hill

I have read countless books on the topic of periods, but this one stood out as the most comprehensive and accessible resource I’ve encountered. With its wealth of information, it’s a must-read for every woman and person with a menstrual cycle.

While Period Power leans more toward the scientific side than the spiritual, its impact is profound. Once I began reading, I found myself utterly engrossed, jotting down notes as revelations unfolded. In essence, Period Power is a revolutionary guide that not only educates but empowers, revealing how to navigate your cycle’s diverse stages and tap into its potential.

In a society that often rushes, these books invite us to slow down and embrace the richness of our feminine essence. They provide pathways to navigate the labyrinth of our emotions, offering solace and direction.

Whether you’re a novice or already acquainted with these books, remember that there’s no need to read them all at once. Instead, trust your intuition to guide your choice, and dive into them as your heart desires.

After all, this journey is uniquely yours.


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