Skip Your Morning Meditation & Watch this Instead.

Via Kristin Luce
on Apr 22, 2012
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This video will do in five minutes what takes your meditation two hours.

What separates “boring” from “peaceful”?

Arguably it is the magic and beauty of innocence that emerges when we are truly open. Anyone who has practiced sitting meditation for more than a few minutes knows that you have to sit through a lot of “boring” (and sometimes worse) before the peace and magic begins.

This video of a baby’s first bath, on the other hand, cuts straight to the chase!

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About Kristin Luce

Kristin Luce is slowly going sane by using her actual life and relationships to wake up. Her quest for truth has led her through a B.A. in Philosophy, an M.A. in Buddhist Psychology, intensive retreat practice, certification as a Meditation Instructor, two life-changing relationships and two life-changing kids. She now provides in-depth coaching for individuals and couples who want profound and dramatic transformation. An avid writer, she has been featured in such publications as Mothering Magazine and The Buddhadharma, and is a regular contributor to elephant journal. Friend her on Facebook, Twitter, her website or contact her at [email protected].


262 Responses to “Skip Your Morning Meditation & Watch this Instead.”

  1. Guest says:

    I don't know what's more touching the softness of the baby or the gentle caress of the woman…beautiful human contact.

  2. Caitlin says:

    Watch this every day. Never gets boring, always incredible.

  3. jamesvincentknowles says:

    omg… imagine if everyone knew kindness, compassion and love like this. so obvious why we all need tranquility and gentle understanding in our lives. thank you. namaste

  4. Kimberley McGill says:

    Thank you. Thank you so much.

  5. George says:

    Wow – simply wow 🙂

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  7. Cherrie says:

    Really lovely.

  8. Scott Perkins says:

    Truly Lovely, but don’t skip your morning meditation. Surely there’s time to include both!

    • KristinSLuce says:

      Amen. Now it's my turn to touch beauty and innocence through my sitting practice. Thanks, Scott.

  9. thirtydaysofyoga says:

    Wow, so beautiful. Not like my baby's first bath, I cried and panicked because her lips turned blue. Sigh. :O)

    • KristinSLuce says:

      And they get so slippery!

    • Ash says:

      With my first, the same thing happened. With my second, my midwife told me to make the water a comfortable temperature that I'd like to swim in! They just came out from where it was 98.5/99°!! LOL We tend to make bath water for infants around 80-85°! That's COLD to them!! LOL

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  12. jenn says:

    This video actually made me nervous. I can appreciate the gentleness, love, and care the nurse showed during the bath and the massage was extra sweet.

    • dlmakamartha says:

      "Dive" reflex ladies….the cue to hold their breath – should they be submerged….and the baby was never submerged….the water just ran close…you could tell the practitioner was being careful…..

    • valentina says:

      this made me nervous also. I don't think the baby liked the water on the face. IMHO I give babies baths almost every day, they love the water and relaxation and usually fall asleep while I'm putting their jammies on.

  13. Jess says:

    Beautiful. I wish every baby's first bath was like this. Pure love.

  14. Guest says:

    great video, I just have no idea why a yoga site would suggest to skip meditation or compare anything to a long meditation which is also yoga practice. Sort of suggests nice videos or anything else could replace the practice of meditation. I’ll pick meditation even though I like nice videos like these.

    • Waylon Lewis, ed. says:

      We're not a yoga site, friend. We're a site devoted to life. That said, yes, I don't skip my morning meditation for nothing!

  15. Soo Kee Foo says:

    Watsu and similar techniques offer the same for adults. If you've never tried then you're missing out. Lovely video by the way, but definitely won't be replacing my meditation practice any time soon.

  16. ellen says:

    I get that she's simulating the womb experience with all the water, but it made me nervous too. I just would worry about covering the baby's face with water like that and she seemed obsessed with submerging his/her head under the water! Am I the only one?

    • carolkaruna says:

      I thought so too for a moment, but then I could tell that she was very trained in this technique. I was thinking "don't try this at home" unless you've had this training.

    • GUEST says:

      Yeah, nervous indeed — what about not getting water in the ears!?

    • Suzy says:

      I didn't see her submerge the babies head under the water at all. She was quite careful when the water was around the face. I think you watched a different video. 🙂

      • OwlJulie says:

        She definitely submerged the face, only the nostrils were left out of the water- the open mouth even was under water- everything was except for the nostrils, for a moment.

    • Sherry says:

      yes, i was nervous about that too. Since she seemed to be running water over the babies head and face and putting it's head in the water over and over, and nothing else, it almost began to look like an obsession!

    • Tamara says:

      Twenty-five years ago, I did this for my son (and myself) though admittedly I was in a bigger hurry. (LIFE!) I did it from day one, water right over the top of his sweet head and down his face. He never objected. From there, at 2 months, he went into the shower with me (for efficiency) and I swaddled him up and placed him in his carrier while I finished my shower. It just seemed a very natural concept considering where he had spent the previous 9 months.

    • Karie Stearns says:

      Yes, this is very simular to Watsu, and while the head was partially submerged there was at no point a time when the infant did not have access to air. If you think about the environment this little being just spent the last 9 months, this experience is the most natural and peaceful it knows.

    • tikkitavi says:

      I also thought that for a moment, but it was clear to me that the woman performing the procedure had a trained and confident hand. She seemed to know perfectly how to maneuver the baby and the water so that the baby could always breathe. It was incredible how much the baby trusted her and how the two worked together in the process. Truly remarkable, I think.

    • Tina says:

      I agree yes it made nervous especially submerging the ears with too much water Thank you

    • jasmin says:

      I agree with you. I couldn't finish watching it.

    • suze says:

      No, she was extremely careful with supporting and positioning the baby's head so their nostrils were never under water. She was in full control and knew what she was doing.I was not nervous at all, after I realized that.

    • annie says:

      i agree with you, although it does not seem that anyone else does! also, maybe a liittle too much massaging?? seems a bit odd to me……

      • Bronte says:

        I found it hard to breathe when watching this. I was not fearful for the baby, and could see the beauty of it's response to the nurse. It was all very lovely, but I could not breath and felt as though I was drowning. I expected the baby to object at any moment. I definitely wanted to! Interesting.

    • Pauline OReilly says:

      Must say I felt nervous also…

  17. Courtney says:

    Thank you so so much, this is just what I needed. I am going to counter many of these commenters by reminding them that this IS meditation! Many of us associate the term with zen meditation, which aims to completely clear the mind of thought. However, if we look at yogic meditation, as is alluded to in the Sutras, it is really just being able to focus your mind on one object–the sensations in your body, your breath, a candle, or yes, even a beautiful video of the gift of life and love shared between a baby and a nurse. Even as a yoga teacher, I am still human, and often struggle to get into my meditation seat. This video is just the stepping stone I needed right now in order to be able to cultivate that level of mindfulness in my meditation, and what a powerful meditation it is.

    • rhythmoftheyear says:

      Premies (and this baby looks tiny) are usually hyper sensitive to touch especially the stroke type. I was bothered by the tap water running over the baby like it was a dish in the kitchen sink. The baby kept rooting for the breast. Where was it? Newborn babies tend to check out when they are overstimulated and can look so peaceful and asleep because they have left their bodies from the stress. Newborn babies are not dirty. How about skin to skin with Mama? Bath with mama. Not like a dish in the sink.

  18. Stacy says:

    Teach me… would love to learn how to do this for when I have precious babies of my own.

    • KristinSLuce says:

      I read somewhere that this is actually a very specific technique (not to be tried by an "amateur"). I don't know if that is true or not, and when I looked I was unable to find the source that I found before. Perhaps someone out there knows the name of this technique, or where to find more info? Thank you for your post!

    • Eva says:

      They wrote under the video parents should not try to do this themself this is a thing that only trained proffesionals can do

      • Amy Whelan says:

        I used to do this years ago with my babies, and I wasn't trained (or even saw this before). You use your mother instincts and common sense.

      • Regina from Germany says:

        Sorry, I don´t think so. What does proffessionals can do better than the true love of the parents? It´s just relaxing !(?)

    • Regina from Germany says:

      I think, it´s only true and sensible love what you need to do this.You feel it.

  19. Comadrona says:

    Sadly, not all babies enjoy water around them or over them, but most of them love a gentle massage (make sure the room is very warm).

  20. Tanya Lee Markul says:

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    Tanya Lee Markul, Yoga Editor
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  21. Declan says:

    Beautiful and inspiring thank you

  22. Declan says:

    Question the music score, who is the artist, i would love to but some of their music

  23. What a beautiful baby. Such a lovely film.

  24. jen says:

    Maybe b/c my biggest fear is drowning, but I didn't find this relaxing at all. I got a panicked feeling every time she poured water over the poor child's face!!

    • Waylon Lewis, ed. says:

      That's what meditation is for…to learn to relax, to come back from panic! It's not about escape.

    • KristinSLuce says:

      I had the same initial fear, about water on her face, and then I saw that no water was going over her mouth and that she could obviously breathe just fine, no stress. In fact, the opposite seemed to be true, she seemed to become more and more calm (and of course she had just spent 9 months living in amniotic fluid). You may want to watch again and pay close attention to the baby's experience, and just notice what you see, without the worry that she is going to drown (which obviously, she doesn't) 🙂 Hope this is of help.

  25. Thank you for sharing. It brings sweet memories of my two boys first baths…14 and 11 years ago! Can't believe they were ever such tiny little peanuts. Infant massage is a wonderfully therapeutic way for new mom and baby to bond. Find a warm sunny spot near a closed window (no draft) – helps jaundice too – and savor the skin on skin contact. For boys, a cotton cloth in the midriff prevents you from getting a pee facial (good for a laugh and not the end of the world.)

  26. Sharon says:

    This video brought back precious memories of bathing my two babies many years ago very similar to the way the nurse is bathing this sweet baby. It was wonderful to see this baby settle into the peaceful reminder of mother's womb. Watching this video also made me cry. Partly because I miss the days when my children were babies and needed me completely, and also because I miss the days when I was once more peaceful within myself. Life brings many stressful situations to each day. Just seeing this baby so peaceful brought focus and peace back to me for at least five minutes.

  27. Julie says:

    That was scary….who wants water in there face? I’m glad the baby survived.

  28. Vicki says:

    The baby loved it!! Of course the baby survived!!!!???!,

    You could see how relaxed it made the baby. I am a maternity nurse and I do this to all my babies I look after and teach the mums.

    I have never had one baby that did not like it. 🙂

    • Laura says:

      Hi Vicki, Can I ask you where you learned your techniques? I am beginning my journey into nursing (working on an RN degree) and would love to work in maternity some day. Were things like this part of your maternity training or did you have to go elsewhere? Another reason for my interest in learning is for my own baby… I'm due in a few weeks 🙂
      Thank you!

  29. Rob says:

    So unlike the pictures people post on fb of their baby screaming during their first bath. This is a bath done right. I think the babies that someone pointed out that don't necessarily like water aren't being bathed right. They just came from a place of pure comfort and security, surrounded by water, why would they not like it now that they're out of the womb? I have seen lots of reasons why. Waters too hot, too cold, room is too cold, the horrible bath tubs that are supposed to ergonomically correct are just plain stupid… I could go on and on. This was awesome. Everyone with a new baby should watch this before they attempt the first bath.

  30. cena says:

    I'm with you. I never submerged my baby's face like that.

  31. Manda Damwijk says:

    This is soooooooooooh beautiful, I wished I had done it with my babies, Thanks.

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  33. Every baby in the world should be treated this way.

  34. felipe david says:

    simplemente maravilloso, namaste

  35. Rinchen says:

    If only all the world's people could experience something like this in their own lives! We might be able to love each other.

  36. MamaYogi says:

    Igualito al baño que le dieron a mi hija recién nacida en la maternidad en la que nació. Solo ver esto me acuerdo de la enfermera que sin saludar, la cogió y la bañó con más brusquedad de la que cualquiera pueda imaginar. Ver esto me gusta, pues quiere decir que -quizá- esa enfermera pueda verlo y aprender a tratar a seres tan indefensos. En España nos hace falta un poco de amor …

  37. Julie says:

    The world would be a more tranquil and loving place if we were all treated this way at birth. what a blessing for these babies.

  38. Debbie says:

    Isn't it amazing to see the sense of relief and calm come over the baby's face at the beginning when it is introduced to the water? I wish I had seen this video before I had my children. I always concentrated on the cleaning of their skin more than on the pleasure of the experience.

  39. Renita says:

    This made me so nervous, found myself trying to take big breathes as though I wasn’t able too…I get what she was doing but it didn’t relax me at all.

  40. This is a stunning unfolding to witness. I was brought to tears as I also viscerally felt the potent.sea of babies (sensitive/sentient skin) contact with water as well as the obvious skill and intention with which this woman held this young being. It seemed that she was also facilitating a healing @ deep levels and perhaps addressing somatically some of the birth trauma of this being. I don’t mean to imply that this baby had a traumatic birth…but simply that the journey through the birth canal is in most cases an intense one both emotionally and physically. I interpreted one of how she held and moved with this baby to be addressing or assisting in the ‘unwinding’ process of both body and emotional tension. Simply Exquisite!
    Thank YOU.
    Grace Murdock
    Founder/Director, School of Sentient Birth.

  41. susan says:

    oh ME, me next! wonderful.

  42. Jens says:

    Wonderful video. Thanks.

    But there is no substitution for medidation – and if a meditation is boring, it is not done right.

  43. Katy says:

    They have to be the most relaxed babies I have ever seen. This video speaks to the power of human touch. Look how firm but careful hands allowed the babies to enjoy the sensations they were getting and feel completely safe. How I wish I’d seen this before giving my kids their first baths…what a complete contrast! I even got peed on!

    This was beautiful.

  44. Yogini says:

    Funny how each of us responds to this video, personally I was jumping every time she poured water over the baby's head! I didn't find this relaxing at all and actually felt I NEEDED to go do my meditation practice afterwards. I was taught not to pour water over infants' heads like that and watching it just makes me flinch!

    • KristinSLuce says:

      I love your openness to you and others having different responses. I too, at first, flinched a little, and then gradually relaxed as I saw that everything was fine– nurse knew what she was doing, baby obviously blessed out 🙂 Thank you for this post!

      • doublehermes says:

        first thank you for posting this and your kind comments to everyone.
        And I imagine it was a typo, but I totally love the phrase "blessed out" and am so stealing this! And what a perfect phrase to describe the baby's experience in this video….

  45. Nähbastelkochtante says:

    wonderful, peaceful – thank you so much!

  46. Chantal says:

    Thanks for sharing, this video is going round the world very quickly but I think proper credits should be given to Sonia Rochel, here's her blog with the most amazing baby pictures, including twins!

    • KristinSLuce says:

      Thank you for sharing the source of this magnificent video, and the beautiful heart who holds these babies.

      • Faith says:

        thank you so much Kristin, I didn't know my French was that good but I found that if I read her post out loud I could understand most of it, just looked up a couple of words! like 'robinet'…guessed right, faucet! beautiful.

  47. Meg says:

    It’s interesting to read all of the different reactions to watching this video. I personally found it extremely moving – I think that all babies deserve to receive such tender, respectful, loving touch. At no point was the baby’s full face submerged in the water and at no point did she appear to be distressed. Babies will most certainly let you know if they’re uncomfortable in any way.

    We are surrounded by fluid in utero. Why would a baby be afraid of water? People are simply projecting their own fear.

  48. kym says:

    Aaah how beutifull life is moving meditation to all the very pragmatic yogis comments up there, lighten up yoginis each moment is meditation dont get all caught up in judgement, allow life to flow, just like the water over the babys body so so moving I loved it, thank you that I could witness,

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