Eight Movies & a Montage: Top On-screen Kisses to Celebrate International Kissing Day.

Via Shawna Turner
on Jul 6, 2012
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Today is International Kissing Day.

I didn’t even know there was such a thing, but now I do, and I’m glad of it.  Do you know that 88 percent of Canadian couples wished their partners kissed them more?!  Crazy.  So go home, grab someone you love (or like, or could maybe love one day) pull them in close and stick your tongue in their mouth.  88 percent of the time it works all the time.

Happy Kissing!

YouTube Preview Image

Remember Ross and Rachel?  “See, he’s her lobster.”

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Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling celebrating their award for this best kiss below.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Carrie and Big. Forbidden fruity kiss.

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Sometimes the build-up is just as good, or even better, than the actual kiss.

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This goes for cartoons too.


Who wasn’t turned on by this kiss?

YouTube Preview Image

The first kiss you’ll never forget.

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Everyone loves a montage.



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  1. biggirl says:

    Ryan and Rachel forever!

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