August 7, 2017

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Awakening to our True Selves.

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*Updated August 12, 2017:

This recent lunar eclipse on August 7, represented an amplification of the energies of the full moon in Aquarius.

It represents a necessary release of the old, so that the new beginnings set for the August 21 solar eclipse can have space to grow.

This particular full moon reflects a sense of culmination, fulfillment, and completion in relation to the seeds planted under the Leo new moon on July 23.

This full moon is fused with the south node. The south node of the moon represents the soul’s prior egocentric structure, and how the soul has consciously integrated the lessons and desires of the past, 

Generally, the areas in which we will be experiencing a sense of fulfillment fall in the domain of Aquarian themes—where and how we express our individuality, our rebellious nature, our innovative potential, and our connections with larger groups and humanity on a large scale.

The sun and Mars continue their swagger together in the sky in the proud sign of Leo, enhancing our initiative and drive, and giving us that extra fuel and fire to act courageously from the heart in pursuing our desires. The moon will be opposite Mars during this lunar eclipse, creating some potential for combativeness and strife; therefore, balance and compromise is key.

Releasing the arrogant, prideful, ego-based shadow energy of Leo as well as the emotional estrangement and aloof shadow energy of Aquarius, facilitates our ability to meet in the middle. We are reminded to honor our own and others’ individual needs in a place that springs from the heart.

Jupiter is in a tense relationship with Pluto, increasing the pressure to expand and find a sense of empowerment through the process. The Grand Fire Trine created from the North Node, Saturn, and Uranus supports us raising our energies into newer methods for addressing old, outworn paradigms.

Highlight: Those with kinship to sacred geometry may appreciate the skinny, pointed triangle in the sky created by the sun, Pluto, and Neptune; we call this aspect the “finger of fate.” This favors a collective attunement to wisdom from a higher place and, essentially, a shifting upward of consciousness.

Questions for the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius:

1. How does my creativity and playful nature reflect my own unique voice and to what extent is it a copycat extension of others who have come before me or surround me? What can I do to untangle and move away from these conditioning agents and grow into more of my own unique expression?

2. Do I feel comfortable creating and playing in matters considered “outside the box?”

3. What is my relationship to breaking rules in service to my own unique expression?

4. How am I acting and attending to my own individuation process in the ways I choose to create, play, and take risks? How can I push out to my edge a bit more?

5. How comfortable am I being perceived as “different” or “weird” if and when my true expression reveals itself? Do I allow others’ opinions of me to dictate my freedom of expression?

6. To what extent am I able to deviate from the course set by my various “tribes” (family, social groups) in order to serve my own personal truth?

7. How will I know when a certain “tribe” no longer serves my needs?

8. In pursuit of my own individuality, how do I become inflexible, rigid, and how do I distance myself unnecessarily from others?

9. How is my rebellious nature wasted on insignificant matters rather than in service to meaningful expression and experience?

10. How can I sidestep my own ego-based needs for attention and validation, and insteadcreate from the pure intention of serving and liberating others around me?

Basic Action Steps:

Individuate: This is a lifelong process, but it is a huge theme currently as Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) has just stationed retrograde on August 3.

Individuation is the soul’s calling to discover and be true to oneself. Evaluate the past and present conditioning agents in your life…they’re up for review! Allow yourself permission to loosen or relinquish rules or values your family of origin or certain other “tribes” may have assigned to you if, after some investigation, you no longer find meaning in them.

Locate and identify your unusual, eccentric, individualistic nature. Place more focused, studied attention on the particular areas where you believe yourself to be unusual, different, and eccentric. These may be tied to where and how you feel as though you do not belong to the crowd and cannot relate to others. Create more space and appreciation for these parts of yourself. Find ways these parts can find expression through you and grow. You may find hidden gems in this process, uncovering treasures of ingenuity and originality you may have never entirely tapped into fully.

Evaluate your inner rebel: Directing our rebellious energy into creative projects that shake up existing, outdated models and break rules that hold us back are beneficial avenues for this energy. The rebel archetype utilized powerfully may facilitate our capacity to take a stand against injustice, inequality, and various forms of wrongdoing.

We may notice that if we don’t utilize this kind of energy for the greater good, it takes form in some less ideal ways such as childlike “acting out” behaviors or breaking important boundaries our loved ones have established for us that create a sense of safety. Let this energy be used for innovation, creativity, and social activism.

Find community: Find your people. These are the people who support you being who you are. These are the people with whom you can be transparent. Locating “tribes” who can appreciate and share the unusual and unique parts of you allows these parts to be witnessed and nourished. Perhaps some exploration in local and online communities could serve you in this domain.

Eclipse season began during the new moon in Leo on July 23, 2017, and ends at the time of the full moon in Pisces on September 6, 2017.

We describe this open portal as a time of disquiet and unrest, when a great deal of change is expected to arise. This time supports reinventing ourselves and stepping up, so that the future generations may feel and benefit from our evolutionary steps forward.

We live in a time where progressive steps forward go beyond being “preferable.” We all know they are absolutely critical to our survival.

The old ways have gotten us this far. Now, what kind of revolutionary changes need to happen for us to align ourselves with a more prosperous and sustainable future? The celestial realm supports the radical shifts that need to happen.

Every conscious, intentional, auspicious change we make within ourselves is a change we also give and share with the collective.

During this full moon in Aquarius, we are reminded that our unique anomalies become resources for the widespread awakening and evolution of the planet.


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