October 4, 2017

Full Moon in Aries: How we can Affirm our Visions & Stoke the Internal Flames.

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On Thursday, October 5, 2017, we have a full moon in the astrological sign of Aries.

The astrological weather also brings the sun merging with the “Messenger God,” Mercury, in the sign of Libra, highlighting an emphasis on thoughts and communications as they correspond to relationship needs and the inherent invitation to express ourselves with more kindness and grace when responding to others.

Venus and Mars mingle together during the first half of October, suggesting a passionate intermingling of the feminine and masculine functions. Here, we have ambition paired with grace in earthy Virgo, facilitating our ability to accomplish our concrete goals in a harmonious fashion and for the natural give and take of Venus and Mars to respond in kind to one another.

Jupiter opposes Uranus, bringing more potential for spontaneous and unexpected happenings to emerge of an exciting, revolutionary nature. While this encourages a sense of freedom, expansion, and perhaps breakthroughs in certain areas of our lives, it may be important to leverage this energy with some caution, as a tendency toward impulsivity and recklessness may also surface for us to manage.

All full moons support the culmination and fulfillment of intentions planted during the new moon. The full moon in Aries energy allows us to feel independent and brave, encouraging us to engage with our own individual spirit to stoke the internal flames, which resonate at our most basic, primal level.

Aries claims:

“I am.”

“I am the person I have been searching for.”

“I am the warrior, equipped with the drive to direct my own ship, ward off competitors, and defend myself.”

“I am the pioneer and the leader of the vision born through me and laid out upon the horizon of my mind’s eye. ”

“I am confident in my capacity to be an active participant in shaping my own reality.”

“Attuning to my own song and my own vibration, summoning the strength to step forward, I imprint my own unique footprint upon this fertile soil.”

“I wait for no one in the realization of the destiny that beckons me.”

Questions for reflection during this full moon:

What is my authentic voice?

Where can I showcase my pioneering spirit?

How can I initiate projects that only previously exist in my mind’s eye?

How can I summon my inner fire to begin?

How can I honor my own individual, independent spirit?

Do I have the courage to stand on my own?

Can I dare to be bold and direct in the pursuit of my desires?

How have I been afraid to fully show up for myself, and how can I move through that into a greater, more whole relationship with my being?

Who am I when I am not attending to the needs of others?

How have I allowed myself to become entangled in co-dependent arrangements that do not honor my light? Where can I further step into a greater oneness with my own light, with less need to be validated by others?

In what ways does my independent spirit take on an unnecessary air of defiance?

How does my desire to dominate take me out of alignment with my own personal truth?

In what ways have I adopted selfish or self-absorbed tendencies to achieve my aims?

How do I manage my angry, impetuous nature?

Action steps:

Balance. Every full moon brings in the need for balance in regards to the energy of the sun and the energy of the moon. While the sun in Libra showcases the need to relate, the moon in Aries speaks of the need to connect to oneself. While the sun in Libra encourages melodious interactions designed to build bridges, the moon in Aries seeks authentic dialogue that may succumb to selfishness, arrogance, and uncooperative behavior in its lower manifestations. Determining where we may have a tendency to favor one side over another in various departments of our lives may be beneficial during this time.

Affirm your vision. The full moon in Aries encourages us to return to our relationship with ourselves in the creation of plans that answer to our soul’s deepest longings. It encourages us to take healthy risks from a place of self-awareness and commitment to personal growth. Practice assertiveness in the pursuit of visions that overtake you. This is the place where fear fuels the individuation process.

The full moon in Aries acknowledges the truth that the tasks of pronouncing who you are, what you want, and what you seek to create cannot be delegated out nor informed by those who surround you.

Step forward to pronounce the vision that calls forth from within.



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