June 12, 2018

Plot Twist: “Signs from the Universe” are Not Always what we Think.

Since reading Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, I’ve been a firm believer in both the subtle and prominent “signs” and “synchronicities” the universe offers.

I also believe that we are only able to see them if we are willing to live openly and with awareness that there is far more to our existence than what we may have once thought or been conditioned to believe.

For many years, I held faith that every “sign” was a message telling me to continue onward, that all was well, and that my path was in alignment with my higher purpose. I decoded the signs and believed they held significant meaning and gave firm confirmation about my circumstances at that time. 

Like with most spiritual things, we often learn a great deal before finally having to admit that what we thought we knew as “truth” wasn’t it at all and that there is far more to know when we dig a little deeper—so we have to unlearn everything and return to the start. 

Signs can come to us in different forms; we may repeatedly see the same sets of number sequences, experience déjà vu, or have prophetic or vivid dreams or nightmares. We may also notice certain names pop up in unexpected places, get an uneasy feeling or chills when we go to certain places or someone mentions something specific, we keep “randomly” bumping into the same person, or sudden insights and revelations that we feel point straight toward our destiny. 

We may translate all of this as meaning that the universe is pushing us in the direction of what we think we want or need. However, amongst it all there is a huge plot twist that is rarely considered or talked about. 

Sometimes the universe isn’t guiding us toward anything at all—it is actually testing our resilience, willpower, and strength to see if we have learned a particular life lesson, and rather than gravitating toward what the “signs” show us, we actually need to halt and do a sharp U-turn in the opposite direction instead. 

This is why it is imperative to carefully discern every single sign and message we receive, as what we may take as clarification may, in fact, be a warning to let us see how much we have grownand how far we have traveled on our soul journey, and to discover if we are still going to be tempted by skeletons from our past, that should long be buried! 

For example, if we see a particular name or number, it may not be a sign that whatever, or whoever, it relates to it is meant to be in our lives—it could mean quite the opposite, and is showing us that we have now elevated above it and no longer resonate with the same low-frequency energy that we once did.

Not only does the universe encourage and teach us, it also tests our intuition and wisdom at regular intervals. This is why—just when we think we’ve gotten over something, or someone, and moved past it, we may suddenly start seeing signs that directly pull our attention back to it, or we may be given distractions to see if we are easily pulled off our destined path. 

One thing that can help when we are trying to translate the universe’s language, is to remember that although we may see signs that we recognise, the universe communicates through energy, and uses vibration and frequency to directly connect with us. We just need to pay attention to our extrasensory perceptions so that we have a sound understanding of what each message means. 

The universe works closely with us, for our highest good, and asks us to pay attention to visible and invisible forces purely so that we become awakened and enlightened human beings—this is why not all of our lessons will be easy or clear to read. 

Sometimes we will have to work hard to figure out the true meaning of the signs we are receiving, and ultimately this is so we focus on enhancing our intuition and learn to trust that our inherent inner knowing holds ancient wisdom and is able to serve us well—if we let it! 

When we have faith in our intuitive abilities, we will innately know whether the signs we receive are telling us to go forward, or to turn back, by how they feel when we close our eyes and travel inward. At a deep level, we will feel an inner resonation so that we know whether the signs are red or green flags.

If the signs are positive and well-meaning, we will feel peace and harmony when we connect the sign to whatever, or whoever, it relates to. If we feel negative internally, it is likely a warning sign that will cause us to feel uneasy, with a sense of fear or concern about the direction it will lead us in—if we choose to follow its course. 

We will always know if we are reading the signs right, as once the message becomes embedded in our soul, and we either pause to heal an open wound or move toward what is meant for us, we will stop seeing it and know that the lesson has been received and fully learned. 

If we either choose to either ignore the sign or interpret the message wrongly, we will continue to see it at the most random times, until we are forced to stop and reconsider exactly why it keeps appearing and what it actually means. These messages can haunt and emotionally torture us, if we do not pay attention, and they can keep us trapped replaying the same patterns, and attracting the same unhealthy dynamics for many years. 

This is why it is absolutely essential to understand that the universe can sometimes play the role of the trickster, and will twist and turn the signs it delivers until we are willing to shift our focus and move up to higher levels of perception and enhance the power of our intuition. 

It also becomes clear how ironic our relationship with the universe is, as ultimately it is just a mirror reflecting back to us what we are, or aren’t, willing and wanting to see.

We can turn a blind eye and pretend that we aren’t able to intuitively figure out why we experience our life the way we do—or we can step into our power and accept that we are creators of our own destiny, and the faster we learn and transcend past low frequency encounters, the quicker we will receive and experience the life we desire.

There is a magnificent existence patiently waiting, ready to unfold the moment we attune our senses to the frequencies surrounding us, and place trust in how all energy actually feels, rather than what our illusions trick us into feeling.

Eventually, we won’t need to rely on any external signs at all; the only sign we will need is our own internal GPS system and self-protection mechanism that is with us and looking out for us at all times.

We aren’t separate from the universe, we are at one with it, and divine energy is expressed through our intuition and inner knowing, which exists to keep us safe, and also to help us create and manifest the most incredible life here on earth.

The signs we see are simply an external expression of what we already know, but may be avoiding, within. 

To learn more about trusting our intuition please click here. 


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