January 31, 2019

New Moon in Aquarius: it’s Time to Declutter our Emotional & Spiritual Lives.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ ed.

It’s time to “spring-clean” our emotional and spiritual clutter this month.

It’s still winter in the northern hemisphere but nonetheless, this is a great month for some “spring-cleaning.”

If you’ve been considering “tidying up with Marie Kondo,” break out the eco-friendly shopping bags and start sorting through your stuff.

To be clear, when I say stuff, I do mean our physical things, but I’m also referring to any emotional and spiritual clutter that’s been clogging up our minds.

This is a month where our clarity and mental energy matter, as we put some serious work into innovation and self-validation, because these are the things that will spark joy for us.

February 4th: the new moon is in Aquarius

Where the full moon often leaves us feeling crazy and hectic, a new moon brings us tranquility and calm—so take a deep breath on the 4th of February and feel your shoulders relax with the new moon.

Fresh energy will be available to us from here, so we must start contemplating the reasons why we’re keeping anything that has become stagnant and boring in our lives.

We can ask ourselves, what ingenious new ideas do we want to bring to fruition?

The new moon is an opportune time for laying foundations. Imagine the few days before and after this moon as a blank canvas—long, wide, and clean. The canvas is symbolic of the potential.

Aquarius is an air sign and therefore stimulates our minds. Mental aptitude and resilience are called for at this time as we design our proverbial canvas. We have permission along with expectations to be inventive, while casting off the safety that our habits provide. This is a time to do things our way by carefully considering the options, and discarding concepts that don’t please us.

Aquarius is also associated with individuality which is a gift if we’re surrounded by allies that love and support our unique qualities, but becomes painful for us if we feel isolated, or lack the approval of the group.

With connections to Mercury and Jupiter, let’s prepare to use our voices, but better yet, let’s listen to what others have to say too.

Whether we feel that we’re “in” or “out,” remember that the wise one treats everyone with curiosity and authentic interest—we have much to learn at this time from the people and voices around us.

February 14th: Mars will enter Taurus

Now Mars, he’s a force. In fact, when we look to Mars in a natal chart, which is a map of where all of the planets are in the sky at the time of our birth, Mars explains the way we use our energy. This includes the style of our confidence and sexuality, and the manner in which we assert ourselves.

It’s no different for Mars in the sky; Mars moves from sign to sign and stays for about three months at a time. The current sign of Mars affects the way we fight for what we want, and how we exert effort including how we govern our sexual drive. Mars in the sign of Taurus becomes conservative and deliberate.

But Taurus is a sensual sign, and regardless of what our relationship status is, or what plans we have for this Valentine’s Day, on February 14th, we want to please our Mars with all the things that make us feel good such as touch, taste, and indulgence.

We’ll have a slow buildup of determination—remembering that Taurus is unhurried, but forceful—until May 15th when Mars moves into the sign of Gemini at that time we will definitely want to allow ourselves some luxury and gratification.

Best of all, we might find that money is easier to make now because Taurus is the sign of building wealth, and Mars is known for going for what it wants.

February 18th: the sun will enter Pisces

Of course, when the sun changes to the sign of Pisces on February 18th, it will usher in the birthday month for all of the astrological fish out there—happy solar return, Pisces people! But did you know that the sun shifting into the sign of Pisces makes all of us a little more Piscean too?—for about 30 days, anyway.

It’s helpful to know that the natural defense mechanism of Pisces is to avoid conflict and their behavior is just like fish swimming away from danger. During Pisces season, we will likely feel emotionally porous.

We should be mindful at this time about our use of coping mechanisms such as drugs, alcohol, and mindless scrolling through our electronic devices—these are all ways of swimming away. Be aware that it will be easy to catch the moods of others, just like we catch colds, because we’re more psychically open this month.

Pisces rules empathy and compassion, and we just feel so much when the sun is in this sign. Don’t worry—it’ll be over soon enough, but we can use this month to become aware of just how much emotional clutter we take on, that actually belongs to other people.

February 19th: the full moon will be in Virgo

On this day, February 19th, we know that the sun is in the sign of Pisces and the moon will be in the sign of Virgo.

This is a full moon that will have us balancing between wanting to be of service to the things we love, and overextending ourselves because of it.

Full moons tend to make us feel particularly fragile and prickly, and this full moon is making a tricky connection with Chiron—the wounded healer—so be warned. During this time we might experience feeling overwhelmed, especially if we’re prone to taking responsibility for the contentedness of everyone around us, and especially our partners—hey, it happens! 

Watch out for high emotions, and when you notice it, ask yourself, “Am I trying to be ‘good’ in exchange for love? Am I feeling devalued here?”

If your answer is yes, do exactly what the full moon is encouraging us to do, and release that sh*t. Loosen your grip on the need for approval and liberate yourself from the mess of people pleasing. Assert your own needs too, and then slip into some warm water to help you come back into your body.

Whether we feel isolated, stimulated, opinionated, or discombobulated, lean into it this month.

Discard what is no longer functional and use what’s left to better understand yourself.

That after all, is the entire point.


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