July 6, 2019

Energy Healing: Faith, Fiction, or Both?


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Is it possible we are the by-product of our beliefs?

Is there truth to be had by our faith in energy healing, or are we buying into the “snake oil” from the sellers of old?

Coming from a society that dwells in instant gratification, being flooded with pharmaceuticals and their promises can be a tempting, convenient, and viable option to heal what ails us.

However, when we read the fine print of the potential side effects, it then leaves us questioning if it is worth the risk? Even with the advancements we’ve made in modern medicine, surgery is still often offered as the best cure. Is the surgeon’s suggestion to cut always our best choice for our circumstance?

On the other end of the spectrum, we are seeing so many Reiki Masters, Shamans, and healing practitioners who believe that their use of energy and faith is the best modality to heal. Is there any real proof of this?

How do we know fact from fiction? Is it possible that faith can play a significant role in our healing process?

Being an energy healer and submersed in Shamanism, my entire business revolves around the premise of manipulating energy for healing purposes. Many of us have come to the understanding and acceptance that everything is made of energy. So, the manipulation of that energy isn’t a far stretch for many of us to believe.

Most of us use electricity daily and we don’t give it a second thought to question any of the mechanics—we don’t need to know how electricity works in order to have faith that if we turn the light switch on, the light is going to come on.

I’ve witnessed clients with psychological traumas, core wounding, and physical body ailments healed as a result of energy healing. I once had a client with kidney stones so large that surgery had been scheduled the following day after our session for their removal. During this client’s surgery, the doctor found no evidence of kidney stones, and an ultrasound confirmed they had mysteriously vanished.

There was also a time in my life where my faith was tested big time. One day, as I leaned in to pick up this normally sweet and loving dog, he lunged forward to meet me with his teeth. At first, I stood frozen in shock, until I notice steady droplets of blood beginning to pool on the floor. I snapped out of my stupor and headed to the bathroom to assess the damages.

I momentarily stopped breathing as I looked in the mirror, horrified at what I saw. The front of my nose was gone. Cartilage exposed, gashes from the corners of my eyes down to the missing part. More gashes on my upper lip. I caught my breath long enough to wad up some paper towels to hold over my once-perfect nose.

Off to the emergency room I went, and after many exams, and a long stay in the emergency room, two doctors, and a surgeon later, all agreed nothing could really be done without the missing chunk. They cleaned me up, sent me home with a bandaged face, meds, a cleaning protocol, and a follow-up appointment with a plastic surgeon.

The plastic surgeon confirmed what the hospital doctors had said, nothing she could really do without the missing piece. In addition to that news, she informed me that regrowth was impossible due to my nose being severed past the third layer (the meaty part). My nose would be left concave, and I had roughly a year of healing time ahead of me, before repairs to fix the divot could even take place.

I was devastated. I had been sure she could fix me. My face so bandaged up, I was barely recognizable. I felt like a monster. My life was over as I knew it. This was my face now—and I work with the public. I wondered how I would face my clients? I couldn’t.

After three days of nonstop crying and feeling sorry for myself, I thought, wait, healing is what I do for a living! I saw seemingly impossible healings take place many times with my clients. If it worked for them, why couldn’t it work for me? This was my ultimate test of faith. Did I truly believe in what I did, or not?

I decided that I needed to take actionable steps. I began to take my power back. Once I made my mind up to restore my own nose, serendipitous events began to take place. Friends began suggesting skin rebuilding oils I had not previously heard of, others made me special wound care solutions. Some even sent me special healing stones, and gave me guided meditations designed for healing. Deliveries of care packages with food and supplements started showing up on my porch. I had a network of encouragement and a foundation of loving support.

Suddenly, just like Pinocchio, my nose began to grow from the inside out. It was like magic. Within three weeks, it had almost completely restored itself. It was nearly back to its original shape and size. The wound, at that point, was smaller than my baby fingernail and the gashes were all gone.

During the next follow-up appointment with my plastic surgeon, we looked at the before and after photographs side by side on the monitor. We both agreed; the difference was astonishing. She asked, “what have you been doing?!” She could tell by the products on my nose, that they were not the creams she had prescribed.

This eye-opening experience prompted them to document my regiment and the natural products I had been using. She now has a list of alternatives to suggest to patients who are interested in other ways to heal.

My daily regimen, potions, and energy healing produced full restoration of my nose in only a few short months. The only thing that remained was a tiny, pink, heart- shaped scar at the end of my nose. I believe this was a gift, and reminder from the universe it was done with love. Now, only a couple of thin pale lines remain. My faith and belief in myself and energy healing had been restored.

My final letting go of being self-conscious about my nose was when getting my eyebrows done at a salon. The woman doing them also happened to be a makeup artist. I asked her for advice to cover the scar. The next words out of her mouth were: “Scar? What scar? Honey, the only one that sees that is you.”

In my years of energy work, I’ve found two elements to be consistent in order for healing to take place—at least one party needed to have the belief that it was going to work and some sort of follow-up action was needed.

There’s something about being an active participant that allows for lasting results. There’s an ownership with action that anchors in the lessons learned and allows for a final letting go to take place. Taking action toward our own healing is also self-love. Mind/body connection + self-love = healing.

“There is no illness of the body apart from the mind.” ~ Socrates

My story and the others I share here are not unusual. There are thousands of documented cases. Many are much more miraculous than mine.

Lissa Rankin, M.D., the author of, “Mind Over Medicine,” has conducted many interviews and TED Talks where she shares documented data and scientific proof that we indeed can heal ourselves.

To dig into the quantum mechanics behind the biology of our beliefs, the book appropriately named, “The Biology of Belief,” written by biologist Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., is great for this.

Our actions are based upon our beliefs—healing is no different. Our beliefs are formed from the information we’ve accumulated. When we seek new information, we open ourselves to an exciting buffet of choices. Our options become limitless.

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind.” ~ The DhammapaDa (Juan Mascaró translation)

Healing and transformation are personal journeys. When choosing a modality for your personal journey, feel into what feels right for your situation. Educating ourselves about our options can help us do this.

The belief in something is the beginning of making it possible. I’m not suggesting forgoing traditional medicine. I am suggesting doing what feels best according to your circumstances.

What you can believe in is what is true to your heart.

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