March 31, 2020

30 Fun, Weird, Mindful Things to Do in Lockdown.

Elephant’s Continually-updating Coronavirus Diary. ~ Waylon


We only get through this by helping others.

We only get through this by being kind to ourselves. Even if it’s giving ourselves a deep breath, in and out, right now, through the stress. We only get through this, ironically, through community, networking, asking questions, getting advice, slowing down, being brave enough to feel it all.

Empathy will melt your stress, turning the ego’s inward view outward until, through real mindful action, you find yourself helping others, helping others, helping others.

And that brings a feeling of joy, connection, that creates blessed community.

Engage with the true joy that can only be found in compassionate action. Learn how to feel through meditation and tonglen (see Tip 7). And—if you need it—let’s all give everyone here a big (virtual) hug. Support local or online mindful businesses! 

Read our favorite, fun, sweet, weird little shelter-in-place ideas, compiled with love, below. Use ’em to help you get through, take one for every day of the coming month, and share with a loved one. May they be of benefit!

Elephant’s 30-Day Guide to Surviving COVID with Care & Compassion. Take One a Day.


1. Laugh at Yourself. Seriously.

Take the Zen approach: life is a cosmic joke, punctuated with occasional tears. From a Buddhist perspective, we can still laugh through tragedy. In fact, we must. The great Zen teachers are famous for their irreverent troublemaking humor. The view at the top of the mountain of our own foolish path is…equal parts sad and funny. Since all is nothingness, we might as well laugh about it.
14 Buddhist Jokes, 0 Punchlines
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