July 15, 2020

Why we Should Quit Having Casual Sex.

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Have you ever touched your own skin?

Embraced yourself with your own arms?

Have you ever felt the softness in there—the layers that make your flesh?

Have you ever touched your back, thighs, knees, calves, feet, and toes? Do you know what it feels like to touch your own body out of curiosity and a desire to get to know your vessel?

It’s not necessarily in a sexual way but in a sensual, soft way. A way that makes you feel pleasure and feeds your heart because your skin is so soft—as is your heart.

But we are not used to our softness. No one has told us that it’s safe to be soft and vulnerable—to embrace our shoulders with our own arms. 

No one has ever told us that it’s critical to get to know our body—its smoothness, pleasure, vulnerability, strength, and weaknesses. 

We use our bodies to get things done; that’s not self-care. 

Nor is it self-love.

Do we pay attention to how our bodies feel and why? Do we really listen to our bodies? 

Our bodies are connected to our minds (ways of thinking and being in the world) and with our heart/soul center—the deep core of us that is hidden within. 

Our bodies need tenderness as much as they need strength and health.

They need to be touched as much as they need food.

They need exercise and movement as much as they need rest and quality sleep.

Have we ever stopped to think if we are treating our bodies with respect?

Even choosing our sexual or romantic partners is a form of self-respect.

We don’t realize how much is actually exchanged during sexual intercourse—the amount of energy transference that happens when sleeping with others.

We give our emotional, physical, and mental pains, issues, and luggage to the other person. And we also receive the same from them.

If we pay attention to how we feel after sex with someone, we will know this to be true.

Do you feel happy and empowered? 

Is your soul’s frequency at its peak? 

Is your vibration high, or do you feel tired, sluggish, and lazy with low vibrating energy? 

Are you moody, emotionally unstable, or angry?

The way we feel deep inside our bodies during (and after) sexual interactions lets us know about our current inner vibrational frequency. We will also feel it from our lover or person we are having sex with.

It took lots of pain, complete absence and presence, love, and passion during my past sexual experiences to come to this truth. To understand how I was giving my body and my soul away to men. Men who not only used me for their urges (I was too naive at the time to understand better), but men who were internally and emotionally empty.

Their skin felt empty; their bodies felt cold; their energy was off, and sex with them never satisfied me. 

It literally sucked. My body did not open up; my pussy refused to let them in (even though they tried). And I did not understand why at that time. 

But I do now. 

Now I don’t go out there and waste my life’s energy—my sacred, sexual energy. Now I use my life force and erotic essence to create. It has been the most rewarding experience. 

Now I see sex as a sacred, intimate, and safe space; it is shared only with someone who my soul feels mutually connected with on a deeper level. 

Now I don’t give myself away.

Now I take care of my physical body as well as my emotional and mental bodies.

I am aware.

I am wise.

I am enjoying my erotic energy by expressing it through movement and dance—it’s never wasted.

I feel energized.

My inner vibrations are high. And I will keep it that way until another high vibrating soul mutually connects with mine.

Now my heart is more connected with my p*ssy. They are one, not two separate entities. 

I know better.

And my life has transformed dramatically because of these understandings.

Treat your body with respect.

Treat other bodies with respect.


Vibrate at a higher frequency.

Use your sexual energy and life force to create your foundation. Start your life anew; do not waste it away.

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