March 28, 2021

The Lesson my Grandma Naani Left me & How it Guides my Life.

For countless moments of my life, I have recalled the conversations with my Naani (maternal grandmother); they are vaguely etched in my memory.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have her for long. She left for her eternal peaceful journey when I was barely nine years old. But my summers spent with her and the innumerable conversations about her life that my mother shares with me have stayed with me to date.

Even almost two decades after she has gone, it still feels like she is here with me; the power of values and qualities passed on by generations reflects a common purpose.

My Naani’s whole life was about being kind.

She was the type of person who, if she had only one morsel with her, would share that with 10 people, only because they came to her looking weak and helpless. She spent the very short span of her life being a mother not only to her children but also to each member of the family.

I recall, so many times, complaining to her saying, “Naani, you don’t love me, you should spend the whole day with me, I will leave in few days.” She would smile and tell me that even if she spent few hours with me, it would be filled with genuine love and if she spends her hours with others and helps them, it would multiply the blessings that I would get.

I never understood how her good deeds could bless me. As a child, all I wanted was my Naani’s full attention for those 10 days. I thought others had her all the time, so why should I share her?

After she left us, I began to understand and appreciate the value of her priceless moments spent with me and the depth of the blessings she left me with. Her good deeds have protected me throughout.

Her habit of being kind runs in my mother and in me. We both have unknowingly carried on the tradition of sharing our resources, good luck, and our genuine efforts with people we love.

Just as my Naani spent her days helping others, giving her brightness, love, and respect, I see my mother doing the same. And as I am getting older, their kindness has come through me as well.

I recall with wonder, as a nine-year-old who didn’t understand the worth of a person who helped others, why someone should spend their days enriching others’ lives.

As I see life and the people around me, I now understand the true worth of people like my Naani. Her pure soul is something that has always been with me, guiding me to do good.

I understand that most will never say, “Come wipe my tears,” but would only survive because of the few rare people that lend their share of light and comfort so that the world can wipe out its sadness.

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