April 22, 2021

Feng Shui your way to Better Health: 9 Quick Tips.

The term Feng Shui translates to wind-water.

Just as the wind moves the water in nature, the same is true for the objects in our home: they are either moving or blocking energy flow.

Everything is made up of energy, whether subtle or physical. When we move our physical stuff and shift our thinking, we better align ourselves to attract our true desires.

I had read books and articles on Feng Shui when I was in college and always made my best attempt to organize my space according to what I had learned.

In my mid-20s, I had a rock-bottom moment where my body was in so much pain it was screaming, and also carrying extra weight.

Despite multiple doctor visits, medications, and even healing arts, including Reiki and acupuncture, nothing worked.

Then, I met a Feng Shui practitioner who helped me accurately apply BTB Feng Shui. We worked together on my home and office space, and to my surprise, my healing began to unfold in a whole new way.

My body released weight, I felt energized again, and my dating life opened up after a heartbreaking divorce.

As silly and as “out there” as it may seem to some, Feng Shui works! I was so convinced that it prompted me to become a practitioner.

While there are various Feng Shui schools with different approaches, the Feng Shui school I chose to pursue is the one that worked for me, BTB Feng Shui. This form was created by Grand Master Lin Yun, who was highly regarded as the founding father of Feng Shui in the West. I had the honor of learning from one of his first-generation students, Feng Shui Master Professor Edgar Sung, in San Francisco.

Since then, I have used it with clients and in my own life to continue to better my health and enhance my wealth. It has also proven to be an effective tool in helping me to attract love in my life.

Here are nine tips to help enhance health energy, specifically. Try them out and see what happens!

1. Apply the Bagua Map.

In BTB Feng Shui, there is a tool called the Bagua Map. Although the original Bagua is an octagon shape, I like to describe it as a tic-tac-toe grid. It is divided into nine areas, then superimposed over the floorplan layout of your home, with the main entry point along the bottom line. This map helps us to determine which space of our home reflects which areas of our life. The “Health & Family” sector is the middle left square from the front door. The first thing you can do is declutter that area.

2. Heart of the Home.

The heart or center of a home (think the center of the tic-tac-toe grid) is where all other areas receive Chi or energy. Always aim to keep this light and happy. This area must be clean, clutter-free, and well-lit. Good air quality is also essential here, and adding a few plants can help with that.

3. The Air we Breathe.

The air quality in our homes in general impacts our health. Adding an air filter, opening windows, and even diffusing some high-quality essential oils can be beneficial and raise optimal health energy.

4. Elements.

In BTB Feng Shui, there are five elements used: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. We can enhance the health sector of the home by using wood and water elements. Adding wood elements such as plants, blue or green colors, or books on health is supportive. Adding water elements such as deep grey and navy colors, images of water, or even actual flowing water as long as it is kept clean.

5. A Healthy Refrigerator.

The refrigerator represents our health. I treat ours as an altar for health. Keeping the fridge organized allows positive energy flow, not only for health but also for prosperity and abundance. Make it a goal to keep it organized, full of vital foods, and stay on top of throwing old and expired items out. Lemons and herbs are high frequency and raise the vibe just by being in the fridge, so keep plenty on hand. Finally, consider the outside of the refrigerator also. Too much outside fridge clutter can deflect life force energy away from our good health intentions; get rid of unused magnets and old shopping or to-do lists that clutter the fridge door.

6. Refrigerator Placement.

It is best to avoid having a fridge face the kitchen entrance or directly next to a stove. If the refrigerator faces the kitchen entrance, try hanging a 50-60 millimeter faceted crystal above, and be sure to keep the fridge super clean and clutter-free, outside included. If a stove and fridge are situated side by side, try breaking it up with a plant in between the two.

7. Gift your Home with Healthy Flowers.

Keeping healthy flowers in the home brings nature, joy, and a boost of color, all supportive of health and vitality. I always suggest using flowers that symbolize vitality: peonies represent a happy life, good health, and prosperity, echinacea symbolizes health and strength, and pink hydrangeas symbolize healthy and heartfelt emotions.

8. Light up your Life.

Lights are vital for the health of our mental well-being and mood. While bringing in natural light through windows is helpful and an easy Feng Shui enhancement for health, we can also boost our homes’ energy by making sure artificial lighting is high quality. Any visitor to our home will find Himalayan salt lamps, which we love for their release of negative ions into the air.

9. Set your Bedroom up for Sleep Success.

Sleep is vital for health. If our bedrooms are cluttered, it affects our energy. My top five bedroom tips for sleep success are:

>> Clear the room of work or spiritual-related items—use the bedroom only for sleep, intimacy, and lovemaking.
>> Your mattress and bedding matter—keep high-quality linens, and always replace any mattress shared with a former partner.
>> Keep nothing under the bed so energy can fully circulate the body.
>> If the bed falls under a window, get good quality curtains or a solid headboard.
>> Keep the nightstands (and anything else close to your head) clear and organized.

I understand how easy it is to be skeptical because I was, too. The only way we can know how it resonates with us is to try.

So, why not give it a go? Play with it!

Stay open, only do what feels good, and allow the process to be fun.

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