April 4, 2021

What Does “Divine Masculinity” Actually Mean?

There is nothing more attractive than a man who is confident in his ability to lead and protect.

A man who is not afraid to let down his guard and recognize vulnerability as a strength.

A man who lives from his heart, operates from a place of humility, and surrenders his ego.

A man who doesn’t succumb to his vices and resiliently faces life’s challenges with fortitude.

A man who does not seek to possess or control but to reflect and nurture the best parts of you.

A man who can tame his temper yet take a stand and fight for what is right.

A man who can take charge of his sexual impulses to preserve the sacredness of his body and yours.

A man who strives to strengthen his relationship with the Divine and sees you with God’s eyes.

A man who is not afraid to consistently show up and pour himself into you out of an abundance of love for himself.

A man who creates balance and takes care of his body and mind as a temple and outward expression of his inner strength.

A man who recognizes his own shadows, admits when he falls short, and strives for growth.

A man who knows himself, loves himself, and expresses himself from a place of authenticity.

Sister, he exists.

The more you recognize your own value and divinity, the more you will attract those who will reflect back on the most beautiful parts of you.

Be still and become what you desire. He is there.


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Read 9 comments and reply

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