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September 6, 2021

Am I Judging you for Eating Meat?


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100 percent. 

Without a doubt.


I’m also judging you for eating eggs and cheese.

For purchasing from Amazon.

For killing mom and pop shops and sending Bezos to space.

For using single-use plastic, tossing it into the closest trash can and not giving a care about where it will end up. A landfill? The ocean? Inside the stomach of a 50-year-old sea turtle who survived many predators throughout his life, only to meet his fate after chowing down on your plastic bag. Mistaking it for a jellyfish or algae or any of the numerous other species that make up a large portion of sea turtles regularly consume.

For wearing plastic—I’m guilty of this but it’s second-hand plastic which maybe counts for something, but maybe not.

For furnishing your house with plastic.

For driving instead of biking—also guilty. Sometimes.

For idling for long periods of time, wasting resources and emitting toxic emissions and soot into the atmosphere for all of us to breathe.

For leaving the sink running while you brush your teeth.

For not getting vaccinated. For then going to the hospital after not getting vaccinated bites you in the butt and taking a bed from someone who needs it.

For defending your reasons for doing all of the above with half-baked excuses when it ultimately comes down to laziness and lack of caring.

Isn’t judging bad?


Prejudice is bad. Judging is part of life. 

We make judgements every day. 

Coffee or tea?

Toast or oatmeal?

To care or not?

How about we all try a little harder to care and hold ourselves, and each other, accountable when we don’t?



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Read 42 comments and reply

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