October 12, 2021

5 Tips for Stepping into Your Dream Life.

Everything you dream of one day achieving or stepping into is something that for somebody else in the world is normal.

Whether it seems as though it always was, or whether it’s what they once dreamed of and have now aligned to, either way, they expect it. And thus they experience it.

The simple truth that we all live with, know it or not, is that whatever we continue to fundamentally expect is what we will likely continue to receive. On repeat!

This is the reason why it’s so important and vital to constantly be tuning in around what it is you’re ready and wanting to call in and create in your life.

What do you think about when you picture your dream life?

When we feel into this, or any desire, we need to be clear and believe that whatever it is, is not only possible, but that the unfolding of it all is also expected. To help us get clear on what our dream life is, journal prompts can be used as a way of “digging up” what’s really inside.

Here are some thought-provoking questions and wonderments to get you started.

>> What lights me up more than anything is…

>> What would feel ridiculous to be paid for, and almost a little bit wrong, because it would just be too good, too fun, and too much “me”?

>> My favourite business and creativity-related memories include…

>> The most deeply relaxed I have been relevant to business, life, and creation was…

>> To me embodiment of my truest self means…

>> The energies and emotions of me being just and fully and exuberantly me are…

>> My perfect day includes…

>> The dream I really want to dream is…

Once we have our creative juices flowing and elements of our dream life fresh in our minds, we can integrate this into our day-to-day life through the five steps below.

These are simple and powerful processes to help you dive into the exact energy that is required for you to step into your dream life. When you begin to embody the feelings of being there, you will start to draw your dream life to you.

1. Refuse to accept your own limiting beliefs about whether or not you are good enough.

Instead, you can choose to take a deep breath and put your doubts aside even when you feel they are real and true. This is a practice, but with time, you can choose to move forward and take aligned action toward your dreams regardless.

2. Decide that all you desire is possible.

A powerful affirmation to support this decision is to claim the following: “Everything is possible for me. If I see it inside of me it means it is available to me, now!”

3. Ruthlessly align yourself to your dream life energy.

This means to shed anything, yes anything (as best as you can…which is probably more than you think!), that does not match your dream life. Consider both the internal and the external parts of who you are. You can also ask yourself, “What would be part of me, or how would I show up if I were there in my dream life?!”

4. Don’t care about flops or failures.

Instead of getting down and feeling stuck when something doesn’t go to plan, you can choose to get curious or even lighthearted and playful about it, and then? You move on.

5. Be consistently moving forward, daily!

Essentially, this is about keeping your eye on the prize. It doesn’t mean you have to be taking big action daily, but it does mean remaining focused with your why and the direction you’re going. That direction is toward your dream life! This focus will help to move you forward regardless of what comes up.

Use these steps to remind yourself that you not only get to choose or “wish for” your dream life—you get to expect it, and create a belief system to support that.

Finally, know this: it’s a daily decision to decide you will create what’s inside of you, and to not settle for anything less than what makes you truly happy, fulfilled, and you.

You’ve got this!


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