November 4, 2021

20 Tips to Infuse more Joy, Energy & Fun into Your Home (or Office).


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Physical spaces have a deep effect on our mental well-being, outlook, and mood.

If we are living or dwelling in a space that isn’t aesthetically pleasing to us, it can affect our productivity, concentration, point of attraction, and general outlook on life.

I’ve had my share of awful apartments and weird roommates, so I know how sacred it is to find a home or office we really feel connected to.

As we delve into winter and shorter days, we must make our living space as in alignment as possible, since we will probably be there a lot (again) over the coming months.

Below are 20 fun tips to reenergize your home and even give you some inspiration to find your own ideas! Enjoy!

1. Clutter Clear.

I’ve been helping people clear clutter for over a decade now. Releasing the stuff that doesn’t make us feel good is a powerful way to allow what is more resonant to enter. Clutter can cause depression, poor productivity and concentration, weight gain (yes!), rising home costs, illnesses, allergies, a weakened immune system, damage to the home, an increased heart rate, and so much more.

Plus, as you go through stuff, you get ideas, clear old energy, feel more motivation, release stress, and relive memories that remind you of how much you’ve learned and experienced.

2. Change around your furniture or give your furniture a DIY makeover.

I can’t tell you how differently a room can feel if we just move a table or swap out a chair. Having new colors and shapes in a space can give it an entirely new life. A tired space can all of a sudden be bursting with new vitality just by moving the couch to another wall or corner. Try it!

If you would like to delve deeper, hire a Feng Shui coach.

3. Learn a new recipe, buy a new kitchen gadget, or add a new ingredient to your meals.

We spend a lot of our time choosing food, cooking it, eating it, and cleaning it up. I’m not sure what it is, but I feel so powerful whenever I learn a new recipe, especially if there is an ingredient that I have never worked with before. Our food choices can start to feel blah if we don’t add something new to spice it up.

4. Repaint.

Just like changing the furniture, repainting even just one wall can give a space an entirely different feel. When I was in college, I lived in this funky house off campus that had one wall in the kitchen painted bright blue. Every time I walked in there, the color energized me.

5. Buy yourself weekly flowers or start adopting houseplants.

Once you houseplant, you can’t go back. My plants are like my babies and they are good for my health. Having flowers and plants in the home or office can increase productivity by 15 percent, cleans the air, boosts mood and concentration, and gives you something pretty to look at.

Flowers and plants also keep us connected to nature if we spend a lot of time indoors.

6. Make a space for yourself.

Even if you live alone, create a space (even a corner or alter) that is just for you, one you don’t share with guests, and one that you keep for sacred practices: meditation, journaling, sitting quietly, and reconnecting.

If you live with people, this is even more important. When we live with others, we pass energy back and forth. We all need a space where we can be alone and regroup. Remember to create time to retreat to this space when you need to. It can even be your closet or a pantry; just be sure to make it your own and keep it a secret!

7. Place affirmations or spiritually aligned sayings throughout the home (or office).

What mantras or affirmations help you when you’re overwhelmed or having a challenging time?

Get some pretty paper, cut it into squares, and write those sayings on them. Now, tape them to the walls, doors, and windows so you see them all the time. Leave them in drawers so you get an inspiration hit or reminder when you open them. Put one in your wallet that says something positive about money. Fun, right?

8. Pay your rent or mortgage with a new consciousness.

Whether you rent or own, both have benefits. When you go to make your payment, remind yourself of the blessing of having a home to begin with and the money to pay for it.

If you rent, remind yourself that rent buys you time, a place to stay, freedom from maintenance responsibility, and the freedom to leave whenever you want (even if you have to pay a fine to do so).

If you own, remind yourself that paying your mortgage buys you peace of mind, a place to stay, an investment in the future, and the freedom to make any changes you want.

Spending money with joy (and presence) is just as vital to our vibration as manifesting it with joy.

9. Create more feasible routines and structures for your kids or pets.

Creating a morning and evening routine can cut down on stress and improve communication and flow in your home. Organize things for work and school the night before, post a schedule where it is seen by everyone, have a go-to backup for child and animal babysitting.

10. Bless your home daily with a prayer or incantation.

Words have power and they create our perception of reality. Make it a point to thank your home out loud for all it provides: shelter, safety, and sanctuary.

11. Make your bed.

Making our bed is a powerful ritual for our psyche. It sets the tone for the day and creates that switch in our mind from rest to activity. It also just feels great to look at a made bed. There is something calming about it.

12. Place something beautiful by your front door so it is the first thing you see when you come home.

Enough said.

13. Light candles (real ones).

There is just something about having candles lit around your home. Always be safe, of course, but don’t be afraid to enjoy lots of candles. They are peaceful and soothing and are known to alleviate stress.

14. Make sure the books you love are visible.

I love stacking my favorite books on the mantel or end table and then putting a candle on top. This way, I see all the books that have meaning for me and I can still enjoy them even if I don’t crack open the cover.

15. Put a padded cover on your mattress.

Luxury can mean many things. Crawling into bed and feeling the soft, padded mattress topper is sheer bliss. I highly recommend it.

16. Throw out anything that is expired, broken, ugly, old, or damaged.

This is connected to #1, but if you don’t wish to do a full clutter clearing, this is the next best thing. Get rid of things that are broken, damaged, and expired. You will feel better. Everything has energy attached to it and keeping something with the slight hope you will fix it one day is an energy leak. If you really wanted it fixed, you would have done it by now.

17. Don’t display anything you’re not in love with.

I don’t care if Aunt Nelly gave you that ugly vase. Don’t display it. It’s your house, not hers. We are not under any obligation to use people’s gifts, especially if they have bad taste.

18. Get the smaller Christmas lights and hang them up all year.

I have had the smaller twinkle lights for the Christmas tree all over my house for years now. They create ambiance and they are great as nightlights! I love them around bathroom mirrors and along the ground. Put them all over to create a cozy atmosphere!

19. Keep it clean and tidy.

Having a clean and tidy space does wonders for our concentration, mindset, productivity, stress levels, anxiety, mood, energy levels, and creativity. If this is a challenge for you, set aside 15 minutes at the end of the day to at least tidy up and put things away. You will feel calmer and concentrated in the morning. Hire a monthly house cleaner so your space remains safe and disease-free.

20. Clear the energy after your guests or workers leave.

As a teacher, one of the main things I repeat often is clearing our energy fields, and we must do this for spaces as well. No matter how much fun you had with your guests, you must clear the energy of the space after they leave.

It’s simple. Sit, get present, and connect with your body. When you feel called, simply demand any energy that does not resonate with you to leave, “Whatever is not mine or resonate with me may now return to Source.” Please always remember that energy has no will of its own—we have to tell it where to go. Repeat this as often as you need until you feel the energy dissipate.

I hope you have fun and find your creative side with these tips!

You never know where something will lead, so if that chair you’ve been wanting to refinish just keeps calling your name, set aside the time to start.

What helps you feel the most connected to your home or office? Let me know in the comments!


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