November 19, 2021

Sex & Pancakes: A Fun & Delicious Guide for the Fall Season. {Adult}


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Fall is upon us.

It feels like ages ago, since we were basking in the warm sun on a summer vacation, backpacking along the countryside, or enjoying the waterpark with our families.

We are well into the fall now, where the nights are getting longer and the weather is beginning to feel colder.

When the weather changes, we tend to forego a night out in town and settle for a cozy night by the fireplace with our loved ones.

What do we actually do with our loved ones during these chilly, fall evenings? There are just so many board games we can partake in before we pull our hair out.

Let’s get real. We love an occasional cocktail, we are obsessed with desserts, and we crave sex. So we wrote this piece for fun with no other benefit than to entertain you and inspire you to try something sweet and sexy during this fall season.

The writer’s gift.

We can be silly, we can be creative, we can get real and be passionate. We wrote something sexy, yummy, and fun. We wanted to share some of the most delicate moments we have enjoyed. Enjoy it.

Please note that all ingredients can be supplemented for any food allergies and/or dietary needs/choices.

1. Sweet and tender sex, vanilla ice cream, and a tasty appletini

He kissed me softly then moved his lips to my ear as he whispered his love for me. His warm breath on my skin sent chills down my spine. I could never tire of hearing those words from his lips.

He pulled away slightly and looked me up and down. His eyes told me everything I already knew.

He took my hand and led me to the bed. As his tongue invaded my mouth, his hands caressed my entire body. He didn’t leave an inch of my body untouched. He slowly undressed me using his lips to cover the newly revealed skin.

Once he had me fully bare to him, he took the opportunity to take in the site with an adoring gaze.

This man was in love.

He made love to me for hours and held me tight.

We have paired sweet and tender sex with vanilla ice cream and an appletini. Why? Because we can.

Vanilla ice cream might be plain and boring, but what more do we need after sweet and tender sex?

Sweet and tender sex is the ultimate goal when we are looking for a true mate. It is the intimacy we crave from another human. It might be our forever person. So there is no need to get fancy when it comes to after-sex desserts. Imagine a spoon of chilled vanilla ice cream melting with your relaxed body. It adds a little bit of sweetness to our already sweet lovemaking.

Top the night off with two appletinis, and you’ll be ready to let your lover spoon you after an amazing evening.

Ingredients for two appletinis:

>> 2-ounce apple juice

>> ½ ounce lemon juice

>> 2 ½ ounces green apple schnapps

>> 3-ounce vodka

>> Ice

>> Green apple slices (optional)

>> Lemon juice (optional)

2. Wild sex, cherry strudel, and salted caramel White Russian

It was a European city. We ventured out to enjoy some of the fanciest and luxurious thermal baths.

After hours and hours of walking, French kisses, and holding hands, we were extremely thirsty for each other. It was dark and cold, the hot water swimming pools looked delicious. I went to get changed into my bathing suit.

I came out in my red bikini. The moment our eyes met, I felt an electric rush in my blood that made me want to run to him, jump into his arms and lick his perfect abs. I walked to the opposite side of the pool and started swimming. I knew he would catch up. He swam over to me and stood in front of me. I tried swimming away. He placed his masculine hands in my face to stare directly into my eyes. No words were needed. We were on fire, thirsty, wild, free, and in a foreign country, enjoying the amazing fall weather.

He pulled me closer, holding my waist. He kissed my neck. He licked my chest. While kissing, he slightly moved my bikini to touch me. I clung to him with my legs. I forgot where I was. All I knew was kissing was no longer enough. I felt like an animal when he was inside me. Right there, in the middle of an outdoor swimming pool at night, we had sex. We were wild and free. My legs around his waist underneath the water, him pulling my ponytail and kissing my neck while we felt how much we needed our bodies to come, to enjoy each other.

After walking outside the swimming pool, smiling with our faces red, we cheered to delicious and strong White Russians. We cheered to orgasms underneath the water while stuffing our faces with big bites of steaming hot cherry strudels. Talk about hot cherries.

Ingredients for tasteful White Russians:

>> Salted caramel

>> Vodka, of course

>> Kahlua

>> Baileys

>> Sex underneath the water might be a bonus (insert wink)

3. Morning sex, pumpkin pancakes, and hot, boozy coffee

I fluttered my eyes open and the room was pitch black. My first thought was coffee. I quietly slipped out of bed not to wake him. I tiptoed down the stairs to feed my coffee addiction.

A song quietly beats from my music app on my phone as the water heats up in the coffee maker. I hummed to myself as I tapped my fingers along the countertop.

He surprised me when he slipped in behind me and hummed to the song in my ear. I tilted my head back to lean against his chest with a tired smile on my face.

He swayed his hips back and forth to the beat of the music and forced me to do the same. I complied but only because I love dancing with him. It doesn’t even matter that I’m still slightly sleepy with no coffee intake at that moment.

His dance moves were slick, and the next thing I knew, I was facing him. He continued to sway us back and forth until I was up against the kitchen island. He kissed me gently and lifted me onto the island, being sure not to break our kiss.

He continued to keep his mouth on mine as he undressed me. I followed suit to undress him so I could see him in all his glory.

I was so addicted to this man.

I didn’t even need any type of foreplay. I was ready for him. He moved his mouth to my breast and I allowed him that, but it was for purely selfish reasons. It felt amazing.

I reached my hand down to feel his length and he was rock hard. I slightly pushed him back to show him I am ready as well. I scooted myself to the edge of the counter. He grabbed my hips and slowly entered me. I arched my body back and screamed his name so he knew I felt him.

He pulled my body back up so he had access to my lips as he took me. It wasn’t long before he screamed my name. He rested his head against mine and caressed my hair before he lifted me down from the counter.

I whipped up some pumpkin pancakes because sex made me hungry. Plus who doesn’t love pancakes? While he made us his specialty, hot, boozy coffee.

Ingredients for one hot, boozy coffee:

>> 2 tablespoons hot water

>> 2 tablespoons instant coffee

>> 2 tablespoons sweetener

>> 1/2 cup milk to serve

>> 1/4 cup Kahlúa

>> Ice to serve

We hope you have a sexy, fun, and absolutely delicious fall as much as we do.

Stay tuned for our sequel article, Sex and Pancakes: The Winter Edition.

Our punch line for today: you are the writer of your life story. So write whatever you f*cking want and desire.


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