December 22, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse Celebrated, “Mr. Big” accused of Sexual Misconduct & I agree with Donald Trump.


Here’s what you missed on the final season of 2021:

“You can’t make that sh*t up” has become my new mantra for 2021.

Seriously, imagine a screenwriter trying to pitch the events of 2021 as a TV show in 2018. Folks would have told him to smoke less weed.

But here we are. Let’s imagine we are aliens watching the show “Planet Earth 2021.”

It’s the second year of a global pandemic caused by a highly contagious virus.

Some folks wear masks and get their vaccines, and others are opposing these actions. Why? Because one group trusts scientists, and the other listens to rants of shady folks on the internet.

And if that wasn’t absurd enough, there was also a trial that got folks really angry. A young man who killed two men with an AR-15 claimed self-defense—and he got away with it. Not only that, some folks started to call him a hero.

But earthlings know how to distract themselves from all that.

Several TV shows from the 90s get a remake, and the audience is more than excited. But then, one of the male stars of a show on female empowerment gets accused of sexual misconduct. Interestingly, the actor’s behavior doesn’t seem too far away from the role he played on the show—not like the man who got released from jail because of a technicality.

Every good show tries to include characters from previous seasons, “Planet Earth 2021” also did that.

The funky but slightly stupid man who used to be the president of the most powerful nation on earth tries a comeback. After getting banned on social media, he wants to start his own platform—believe it or not, some folks think that this is a great idea. But then, the former cheerleader of the alt-right gets booed on stage because he admits that he got a booster shot against the deadly virus.

If I was an alien, I would switch channels at this point. What an unrealistic storyline.

But this is not a show. This is our reality.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a free man, and I am afraid that we might hear a lot from him next season. Chris Noth will face a trial, and it will be interesting to watch how “Sex and the City” fans react to all of that. And only God knows what the political comeback of Donald Trump might look like.

And all of this doesn’t even mention the ridiculous side stories. A football player who gets his medical advice from YouTube, animal activists who have to deal with unsolved murder cases that include captivated wildcats, and former bartenders and Crossfit-trainers who became elected officials.

It’s not all bad; some of it is actually quite entertaining. At the same time, it’s reasonable to say that “Planet Earth 2021” somehow manages to ignore the real problems humanity is facing.

The screenwriter of “Planet Earth 2021” totally forgot about a phenomenon called climate change. It should be the show’s main topic, but apparently, it doesn’t help the ratings.

At least, he tried to do something about racism and sexism this season. Some folks don’t like these so-called woke elements of the show, but the majority seems to agree that it’s worth looking at these topics.

As a viewer and participant of this show, I really hope that the next season comes with a few plot twists. Here are three things I am hoping for:

1. Kyle Rittenhouse

The kid who shot two men changes his mind and realizes that he is full of sh*t. He convinces his fans to let go of their weapons and becomes an advocate for gun control.

2. Chris Noth

The actor who is alleged of sexual misconduct apologizes to his victims and questions his understanding of consent. He inspires toxic men to rethink their role in society and becomes an ally of feminists around the world.

3. Donald Trump

The former president encourages his supporters to get vaccinated. They listen to him, and the pandemic ends within the first episodes of the season—finally.

What a wonderful show (world) this could be.

But there is some hope left. There is a community that tries to make the show better. They have been on this for decades—it’s like a mission.

These folks keep sending letters to the editors of the show. They publish them on a website called Elephant Journal. Everyone is invited to join this lovely community.

Every mindful message published has the power to make the show a little bit better for everyone. What if I told you that we are actually the real screenwriters of this show?

Let’s do better next season.

So, how do you feel about the show “Planet Earth 2021?” What changes would you suggest to the screenwriters? Please let us know here.

May it be of benefit.

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