February 22, 2022

Yoga Girl shared this nude photo to Insta. Is it vulnerable, or showing off? My answer.

Yoga Girl,” Rachel Brathen Schoneveld, a longtime friend, shared this (tasteful, brave) nude (mostly) photo, taken by Dennis her husband, to her huge Instagram following. A friend and I discussed the act of influencers-baring-all after seeing the photo. Is this vulnerable, raw, brave, inspiring others? Or is it showing off, good marketing, reach?

My answer: it’s both (coming from yours truly, who won an award for “best shameless self-promotion”…). And, more importantly, let’s let go of any stigma around “showing off.” A better word might be “celebrating,” or owning it, or being fabulous.

As Rachel said, in her caption (click the above photo to fan her, read the rest):

Wasn’t going to post this for obvious reasons but decided to anyway bc I fucking love this photo and there is all sorts of photoshopped way-more-naked than this on here so why shouldn’t this momma let herself be free too!? I felt as free and beautiful (and cold!) as I look when @dennisfromsalad snapped this photo. Sharing it feels good!

Letting myself be has been my greatest practice when it comes to self love. The more time I spend trying to fix or tweak or cover up or resist the more I pick myself apart. I am who I am. This body is what it is. I look the way I look. These gray hairs aren’t going to stop coming and these wrinkles aren’t going to stop forming and, let’s be honest, these boobs aren’t going to stop gravity from doing it’s thing?

I am who I am. Might as well lean in and let myself be free. x


So. Here’s my answer, a bit of wisdom that changed my life, when I was younger.

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Read 7 comments and reply

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