March 8, 2022

Hope amid Heartbreak: Ukrainian Girl sings “Let It Go” in a Bomb Shelter.

Like everyone else in the world, I’ve been anxiously watching the news for the past 13 days and praying for the people of Ukraine.

I don’t feel like I know enough about international relations to comment on what the United States or NATO should do in this situation, but I do know enough to know that what is happening in Ukraine is an unjust and heartbreaking humanitarian crisis.

Watching families fleeing their homes with only a backpack, if that, trying to catch trains or make it on foot to neighboring countries in the hope of finding safety pulls at my insides. And while seeing the Ukrainian people fight for their freedom—staring down tanks and Russian forces, working every day to protect their country—refuels my belief in the courage of ordinary people, it guts me to see the horrific images of these same people dying for their country.

But just like in every tragedy, there are always tiny glimmers of hope.

This morning, while scrolling through the news, I saw a video of a young Ukrainian girl who, while hiding in an air raid shelter with her neighbors, was filmed singing “Let It Go,” from the worldwide hit Disney movie “Frozen.”

This little girl is the definition of hope amid heartbreak:

Here are two heartwarming Twitter reactions:

From Idina Menzel, who voiced the character of Elsa in “Frozen” and originally made the song famous:

From Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who wrote “Let It Go” with her husband Robert Lopez:

And some comments:

“In the mist of destruction and death, this beautiful little girl brings light when everything must feel so dark.” ~ Julia Murtaugh

“My heart is uplifted and breaking at the same time.” ~ Kathryn Blackley-Smith

“A little kid in a war zone singing a Disney song. I just can’t. I’m sobbing.” ~ Kerry Lorette Johnson

“Yeah this broke me. My little girl sings this. All they want to be a princess in a magical story, instead their story is one of tragedy and death.” ~ JJ

“We, as a world, need to do better. This video should be being filmed on a safe home, not in a makeshift bomb-shelter. Stay safe young lady.” ~ Phil

And here’s the original song—knowing the lyrics somehow makes this moment even more poignant:


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Read 4 comments and reply

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