April 20, 2022

Finding a Balance between Manifesting our desires & simply Allowing them In.

Manifestation is blowing up right now: intentionally creating your reality, calling in exactly what you want into your life.

This, however, can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what you want. It can also get you stuck in an energy of trying to control your entire life through this process—forcing energy into your manifestations, trying to make the manifestation happen. At least that has been a part of my experience with it.

I’ve found it tremendously beneficial to add another component into the equation when it comes to manifesting—and that is the art of allowing.

Why not try allowing life to come to you and bring you exactly what you need? After all, we might not know exactly what we want, and that is okay. There are lots of beautiful options and realities in this world that we can be perfectly content with.

Incorporating yin energy into your life to balance manifesting is key. To quote David Hawkins: “Spiritual advancement is profoundly yin. You step back and you allow it to happen.”

So maybe send some intentions out into the universe, but then really surrender to life and allow it to bring you things, people, and opportunities you may not even have known you would enjoy, and that may nourish your soul even deeper than what you had in mind.

I’m currently staying at a temporary Airbnb in Pacific Palisades, California. It is a magical, bohemian little communal situation nestled within a beautiful forest. I’m living in a bougie tent next to a creek with a sauna and outdoor kitchen. It’s like Bali Los Angeles. I was planning on manifesting a place in Topanga—an actual home—but life brought me here in between living situations, and there was an opening to move in.

I asked myself: do I abandon my initial manifestation and be content with this new opportunity instead?

I easily could. Since everything we want in the material world is because of how we think we will feel once we get it, I could simply reflect on what I was initially calling into my Topanga manifestation and instead, create that beautiful reality here.

My heart desires to feel peace, contentment, and connection with the people I live with, freedom in terms of space and alone time, and definitely some exponential empowerment and growth.

Reflecting, I most certainly can bring all of those intentions here into the Palisades. It surely isn’t exactly what I was trying to manifest, and I may be living in a tent (and peeing outdoors) more than ever before, but life could be just as beautiful here.

The key is that if I do decide to stay here, I will be fully surrendering and accepting this experience instead. I will release my dream of a home in Topanga and be fully present here—without having in the back of my mind that “maybe I’m supposed to be in Topanga.” No. Immersing myself in this experience and letting it be just as beautiful and magical as Topanga might have been. Life brought this opportunity to me instead.

So, maybe you are trying to manifest something specific—a specific job, a specific relationship, a specific opportunity. I challenge you to become open to life bringing you something that might be even better than what you had in mind.

Release your attachments and desires

Let life bring you things that are better than you can imagine.

Remember that we don’t need to make everything happen in order to be fully content.

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