January 25, 2023

Life Hack for Ease: 5 Keys from Numerology to Guide You.

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444, 1111, 1234, 333, 44: all numbers repeatedly appearing in such a way I know with my ever-affirming internal knowing it’s not a coincidence.

Especially when a 444 sighting is followed by some expansive little miracle, like a trail of feathers, then a hello from heaven.

Numbers are more than characters on a clock, a way to count, or the sum of money. The system of numerology gives us hints that say so!

According to Wikipedia, numerology entails the belief in an occult, divine, or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. Numerology is often associated with the paranormal, astrology, and other divinatory arts.

While there are several branches of numerology, including Pythagorean, Chaldean, Abjad, Chinese, and Indian numerology, I tend to lean toward Pythagorean. However, for the purposes of this share, the invitation is for us all to be open!

No matter the branch of study, numerology helps us understand ourselves and those around us more easily. It can help us all in our unique ways.

Following are five ways to use numerology to help guide us through everyday life.

1. Be open to receiving guidance from numbers.

When we are open to receiving guidance in any form, we naturally look for confirmation and synchronicities. We want evidence the guidance we are receiving is specifically for us because we want to know we are trusting in something that truly matters.

The only way to know that for sure is to try it!

When we use numerology to guide our life, disappointment is unlikely! We can find messages in numbers from various angles; each number is aligned with specific colors, letters of the alphabet, and planets. We can recognize visual significance even in the structure of each number. You can read more about that here.

In my experience, numbers even provide subtle whispers from the angels. Being open to receiving guidance from numbers opens us to a new world of symbolism and significance.

2. Pay attention when numbers show up.

Once we are open to receive, they will appear more consistently throughout the day—on a license plate of a car, a street sign, or we might wake up at the same time each night to be greeted by a repeat number on the clock.

The significance of these numerological phenomena is up to us to decide. Numerology is the study of numbers that suggests there is messaging, and seeing repeat numbers is an invitation to try! Miracles can follow when we believe in the system and use it to guide our lives.

There are several free tools available to research the meaning of numbers. I like this numerology calculator and this Pythagorean calculator.

3. Find out more about the metaphysical meaning of numbers.

In numerology, each number has a distinct metaphysical meaning. We can understand more about what they are trying to tell us with a basic understanding.

Here is a summary:

1: holds the energy of independence, action, and ego, flying solo
2: about connection, partnership, balance, contrasts, and sensitivity
3: a beautifully creative, joyful, and activating number. It is more analytical and lends itself to time
4: holds the energy of stability, endurance, and practicality (like a four-sided square)
5: holds the energy of motion, adventure, change, and freedom of expression
6: has an artistic, protective, loving, and harmonious energy to it
7: linked to perfection, awareness, experience, sometimes worry, and has a Christlike energy to it
8: a number of opportunities, observation, abundance, infinity, and independence
9: holds the energy of vision, invention, completion, letting go, and responsibility
0: numerology considers zero to be more a symbol than a number. It has infinite, timeless energy around it and can also represent beginnings and endings

When we see repeat numbers, we can take notice! These are particularly significant because they are an amplified, more vital, and potent form of the single digit.

4. Learn about your birth chart numerology.

Our dates of birth are also significant in numerology.

Within the first five minutes of meeting my former naturopath, she could describe me—my strengths, vulnerabilities, values, and how I view the world.

She was able to do that with just seven little numbers.

She saw me clearly through the energetic patterns in my birth chart, how the individual numbers interacted, and the additional layer of meaning contained within those interactions.

At that point, I vowed to learn more about the meaning of numbers, knowing it would significantly enhance my relationships and energy-healing work.

5. Recognize that numerology holds meaning for everybody.

Numerology supports each of us in our own way, and it can also be fun to look at the numerology of those close to us. The system allows us to understand who they are, what makes them tick, what motivates them, and even gives us an idea of compatibility.

Numerology provides many gifts and can be especially beneficial for those who work as intuitives or healers. It’s a most helpful additional piece in our toolkit that offers further insight before we even start working with clients!

Do you have a fun way you work with numbers or a wild and crazy story on how numbers talk to you? Please do share in the comments!

Numerology has provided such beautiful lessons for so many. It is fun, expansive, relatively easy to learn, and even better when you have the right teachers! If you want to learn more, you can check out numerology for Intuitives.

It’s a fun journey that will teach you about two aspects of numerology, help you discover what numerology means to you, and give you confidence in the messages you are receiving. You will learn to create your personal birth chart, understand your strengths and challenges, and connect deeper to your purpose!

Find out more here if it interests you!


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