January 19, 2023

Waylon talks with an indigenous chief, Tuwe, about how to help his tribe & the Amazon.


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Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis features:

Inside a new Walk the Talk Show conversation with Waylon Lewis: Waylon talks with Tuwe Inu Bake, an indigenous chief of an Amazonian tribe in Brazil about how we can work together as a human family to help his tribe, the Amazon, and our planet.

“Tuwe Ina Bake is the son of the traditional chief of the Huni Kuin Kaxinawá peoples of Brazil. He is an indigenous leader, a spokesperson for his peoples and their issues domestically and internationally, and is also a film maker who is documenting an emerging issue on the border between Peru and Brazil – peoples in voluntary isolation are forced to leave their lands and are approaching the territories of the Kaxinawa peoples of the Western Amazon.”

Waylon: “What do you primarily want us to know, and how can we help, or at least stop hurting?”

Tuwe Inu Bake: “We have an important mission. We’re not coming here just on an adventure. We come here to bring a message.

It’s very important for us to [travel] across the world in different countries to share our story and also to come here to bring healing, to help humanity, through healing the physical body, the heart, and through the sacred medicines that we offer from the jungle.

Through these medicines, we better understand the world out there. It helps people get more connected with the path of truth, the path of healing, the path of love, and the path of caring for our connection to the earth.

A through this sharing and, and these travels, we are also seeking support, partnerships, and help to gather resources to improve the quality of life of our people in the forest.”

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“It’s important for us to get together with all the four different corners of the world and pray for peace and the planet. We consider ourselves the holders of the science of the forest and we consider you the holder of the technology. So it’s very important to unite our forces, reaffirm this connection and to pray for peace on the planet.” ~ Tuwe Inu Bake

Learn more about Chief Tuwe & his partner, Earth Medicine Alliance:

“The main purpose of this tour is to gather resources & support to rebuild the Kupixawa/Malloca in his village. The kupixawa is their cultural center, ceremony temple and heart of the community. A few months ago, the entire structure was caught on fire. A really sad event. Tuwe in his firmness and courage has chosen to tour the US for 6 months in order to find the necessary support for the reconstruction of their temple.” ~ Ari Brasil, Earth Medicine Alliance

Tuwe on Facebook and Instagram.

Huni Kuin Experience with Tuwe.

Earth Medicine Alliance on Facebook and Instagram.

“If the fires continue the way they are, in 50 years time we will no longer have the forest standing up.

And we will not feel secure in what we have, in our culture, in our language, in our songs. Us without the forest, we won’t be able to farm, we won’t be able to eat, without our land we won’t be able to live.”

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