February 5, 2018

It’s Time to Go Vegan AF.

What up, dawg, it’s been a minute, but I’m back to spit truth.
Listen up if you want to reclaim your vigor and youth.

We’ve been mindful, and grateful, and even went green.
Now it’s time to bring vegan AF to the scene.

If you shun meat already, sit back and relax.
If you don’t, buckle up for some hard-hitting facts.

Put down the beef jerky, Carol, it’s gonna be fine.
Your whiskey is vegan, and so is your wine.

This poem’s meant to bring awareness, not intended to shame.
I’m just a girl who gives f*cks, cause I know we need change.

The government backs sales of eggs, dairy, and meat.
Each year millions are spent to control what we eat.

Clever marketing slogans, it’s all one big lie.
Milk does a body good? Oh hell naw. Boy, bye.

Beef, it’s what’s for dinner—how about no?
We’re all being duped, time to question this, yo!

If we’re paying attention, we all should be pissed.
Factory farms kill our planet—it’s on top of the list.

They’re more harmful than refineries or that big diesel truck.
Thinking we need meat for each meal is just basic as f*ck.

We’re chopping down rainforests to raise cattle and crops.
If you think that’s sustainable, home-skillet, it’s not.

The abuse in these factories is horrendous at best.
And it’s time to take action, not sit back and rest.

Their living conditions are filthy, they all live in fear.
They’re abused and neglected, despite what you hear.

Most never see sunlight, it should be a damn crime.
If we treated our dogs this way, we’d be doing hard time.

Let that sink in, take all the time that you need.
We are disconnected from our food source, corrupted by greed.

Those farms you envision with green grass to roam?
It’s a big freakin’ lie, most call cages their home.

But then what do you eat? I’ve got you, homeslice.
You won’t be subsiding on rice cakes and ice.

Plant-based protein’s a thing, it’s more than legit.
Lentils, quinoa, and chickpeas—these foods are the sh*t!

Hemp seeds, beans, spinach, edamame, and nuts.
They all contain protein, I can hear all the “buts.”

“But tofu is nasty. I hate the damn taste.”
Then stick to your hotdog, but that sh*t’s made from paste.

“But I’m a manly man, and I love to lift weights.”
Mr. Gorilla is vegan, and trust me, he’s great.

“But what about cheese? That’s one I can’t live without.”
Simmer down, bro-diggity, here’s what that’s all about.

When they pasteurized milk, guess what they found?
Our digestive tracts are not meant to break that mess down.

Dairy creates mucus in our bodies, isn’t that neat?
Only one species needs cow’s milk, and that’s baby cows, G.

Beyond the food aspect, check the products you use.
Your makeup, your haircare, and even your shoes.

Research animal testing, yep, it’s still going on.
It’s sketchy as hell, and it needs to be gone.

We can take small, mindful action, be aware of what’s on our plate.
Yes, our ancestors ate meat, but not a 40-ounce steak.

We can vote with our forks, make our dollars our voice.
F*ck bacon and nuggets and all of that noise.

Take small steps each day and you’ll see what I mean.
When you start diggin’ deeper, it can’t be unfelt or unseen.

Check out “Forks over Knives,” “Earthlings,” “Cowspiracy,” too.
They will open your eyes to what you thought you knew.

For your heart, your libido, your waistline, and skin.
If you want to feel stellar, yo, it’s time to dive in.

For the animals, the planet, and health of your gut.
There’s no better time to go vegan as f*ck.




Tim Brod – King of the Bees.



Author: Rachel Dehler 
Image: @elephantjournal
Editor: Emily Bartran
Copy Editor: Nicole Cameron

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Read 2 comments and reply

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