September 1, 2019

What Men want in a Partnership & Why they Haven’t Found it Yet.

I hear it all the time from the men I work with.

I want a woman who is emotionally intelligent. A woman who is proactive in finding out what I like and tries to make it happen. A woman who understands my journey and can cater to its uncertainty without resentment. A woman whose masculine energy isn’t competitive or overbearing. A woman who doesn’t feel entitled to my time, but appreciates it. A woman who is self-aware and takes accountability. A woman who is sexually expressive and experimental. A woman who is kind, considerate, and a respectful individual…”

I’ve heard all of this in various forms over the last months.

And yet, men still come to me complaining about

>> Dramatic women
>> Needy women
>> Complaining women
>> Masculine women
>> Emotional women

Are you attracting these kinds of women in your life right now?

I know men who have “given up” on women and dating because it’s so exhausting (and yet, they ultimately still crave to be loved).

We all crave to be loved. We are relational beings, and relationships come naturally to us.

Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting these crazy women into your life?

It’s time to do the work.

Your woman is right there. She is waiting for you to step into the arena of co-created love. I’ve been cultivating her feminine magnetism as that’s what I do. Now, it’s your turn to become a wholehearted man.

Here are three ways to become a wholehearted man:

1. Start tuning into your feelings.

Understand that your feelings are valid. You feel just as much as us women do; allow yourself to access your inner truths. Your feelings are you. By tuning into your feelings and sharing them with us women, it allows us to become closer to you—to have compassion, to build a more intimate relationship with you. We want to hear what is going on for you so we know how to support you.

2. Listen.

Really listen. Women go weak in the knees for a man who is a listener, why? It shows us you care. It shows that we matter and that you aren’t selfish or ego-centric. Being a great listener allows us to know that our opinion is heard, and it also means you have a presence. Presence is the first quality that women seek in a man.

3. Have empathy.

Empathy is the ability to connect with people at their level of being. It means you understand others and you don’t hold yourself above anyone. This makes you the greatest student—always humble, always learning, always ready to be there. Empathy comes from the heart.

Your woman is waiting for you with an open heart, love radiating through her entire being, and her smile welcoming you into her life.

Feel, listen, and be there.

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