December 30, 2019

I Hope this year you Make Mistakes, Love Yourself & Let Things Be.

I hope in 2020 you make mistakes—lots of them.

I can’t recall who or what warned me against falling, but I’m glad I didn’t listen. I’m glad I fell because I got up stronger.

I hope you know there’s no shame in slipping. The only shame would be not learning from it.

Mistakes teach us, make us, mold us. They make us grow in ways that wouldn’t have been possible inside a safe bubble. I hope you know this.

I hope you realize that through your mistakes you will recognize what works for you and what doesn’t, what you accept and what you don’t.

You are not your past—you are the lessons that have stemmed from it. We are who we are today because of what we have endured, suffered, experienced.

I hope failure won’t frighten you in 2020. The wisdom and knowledge you’ll gain from it are your true successes.

Make mistakes and write your story with them. Let every slip carry with it a new beginning. That said, learn to love yourself.

I hope you love yourself enough to be able to love your own stories—the good and the bad. Be gentle with yourself through every error and know that you are good enough.

You’re good enough in all your states—the happy ones and the sad ones. Know that it’s okay to feel bad, angry, or fearful. Don’t pressure yourself with constant positivity or “good vibes only.” You’re human and deserve to live your experiences fully.

Whoever tries to put you down is already down themselves. I hope you’ll know how to withdraw any judgments others might pass to you.

Love yourself in 2020 by drawing boundaries. Learn to say “no” if it makes you more comfortable. Say “yes” if it makes you happier.

Leave toxic situations and don’t hesitate to invite healthy ones in. I hope this year you’ll recognize when enough is enough. I really hope you do.

Care for yourself. Do for you what you would do for others. Be assured that you deserve the same love and attention that you have always freely given. This year, give those things to yourself.

I hope in 2020 you’ll get to enjoy the small things in life, like drinking a hot cup of coffee by the beach or reading a good old book on your couch. Cook yourself a meal, breathe every once in a while, and get present.

I hope you’ll look around and see that you are where you’re supposed to be. In 2020, you must let things be.

Stop pushing—you’re only holding up what’s meant for you. I know the challenge, the difficulty to surrender. But I also know that only through surrender, can I truly be at peace.

I hope this year you’ll believe in the intelligence of the universe. An immense energy is taking away what has served you well and bringing closer what will serve you better.

I hope in 2020 you make the best of your present moment, regardless of how sweet or bitter it is. This exact moment won’t come twice—I hope you realize this.

When you let things be, trust me, they will be. There is no wrong place or wrong time—they either carry your destiny or they don’t.

No truth will be hidden, no masks will remain. Relax. Whatever is worrying you shall one day comfort you. And whatever is upsetting you shall one day exist no more.

I hope in 2020 you know all of this.

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Read 32 comments and reply

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