July 4, 2020

Thunder Moon (July 5): the Time for Burning Away Fears & Manifesting Dreams.

I’m going to share what happened the first time that I set intentions during a full moon.

It was back in May of 2018—I manifested a whopping £20,000 in 20 days. The funny thing is that I had no idea it was even a full moon at the time.

In fact, I didn’t follow the moon at all back then. It was only around six weeks ago that I thought to myself, “You know what? I’m curious. I am going to see what phase the moon was in when I did that. I am just going to check.”

I was equally delighted and unsurprised as I smiled to myself and gave the nod to the universe—even though it took me over two years, this was the perfect timing for me to receive this lesson.

So within this article, you will learn the steps I take in my own Quantum Leap Ritual. I know from personal experience that this is amplified when carried out in alignment with the moon’s cycle:

Step 1: Connect to your inner guide

Quiet your mind with your favorite meditation or a few minutes of silence. Set the intention with the universe, god, angels, or spirit that you are ready to make the quantum leap.

 Step 2: Ask for guidance

Grab your journal.

At the top of the page, ask, “What do I need to let go of?” Or “What is holding me back?”

Or maybe another question came up while you were meditating—you can’t do this wrong. Listen if you have been guided.

Step 3: Brain dump

Let the journaling commence; the key here is to recognize that no statement is too small. 

You may naturally want to start writing down big, obvious thoughts, feelings, or circumstances that hold you back. Still, the smaller seemingly, insignificant parts are just as (if not more) important.

Step 4: Forgive

Write a statement of forgiveness on another piece of paper for each of the items listed above. Try to channel forgiveness toward yourself—think of where you have been wronged. You can forgive yourself for feeling angry, or your reactions when you got hurt.

Step 5: Burn, baby, burn

Burn the paper from step three and watch all of those thoughts that no longer serve you go up in smoke and flames. Feel the power within you as you release the build-up of negative energy. Watch the flames dissolve the pain, fear, worry, and doubt you were carrying.

Step 6: Reaffirm and set intentions for what you desire

Take your forgiveness statement and create some beautiful, new, more empowering thoughts. Affirm your new beliefs by creating positive statements that you would now like to believe about yourself. Affirm in the positive the opposite of what you needed to let go. Start forming new thoughts that will serve you well.

Write about your intentions, list your goals, and feel into what you want to manifest in your life. Do it as though it were happening right here and now.

Step 7: Time for a dance party

Whack those headphones in and play your favorite tunes. Dance like everyone, and no one is watching—yes! 

Go ahead and bring out the sage, your crystals, or anything else “woo-woo” and embrace the magic. You’ve done it.

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