November 3, 2020

Dear American Friends: Vote to End this Horror Show.

I’m your Canadian neighbour.

I live somewhere in the North. It’s cold here, and watching the news every day is like watching an endless horror show. Halloween is over. This horror show must end.

Like many, I’m anxious. I’m not American, but I know that what happens across the border affects our lives here in Canada. I don’t feel safe living next to a country with a president abandoning science and downplaying COVID-19 while watching people die every day.

I live in the North where we have firsthand experience with climate change. Your vote affects us. Vote to protect the environment instead of giving your voice to a candidate turning a blind eye to global climate change.

We live in a small world more than ever. We’re all connected despite geographic distances. What happens in your country affects what happens here in a small town somewhere in the sub-arctic.

There is no doubt that a xenophobic president means racists and hatemongers will find their way to unsettle the peace in our communities, no matter how hard we try to embrace and promote diversity and love for one another.

Just like many around the world, I’m concerned. I’m anxiously waiting.

Vote because we all need you to vote your conscience.

Vote to protect women’s rights.

Vote to say no to racists promoting hate in virtual and in-person platforms.

Vote because the world is tired of senseless gun violence.

Vote to say no to hostile foreign policy.

Vote because Mother Earth is our sacred home and we need to protect it.


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