November 19, 2020

What to do When your Ego is Sabotaging your Life.

Let’s talk about manifestation.

Manifestation is the transmutation of our thoughts into the physical realm. There is a specific technique for intentional manifesting that I love to teach. It involves the missing ingredient to many popular manifestation techniques, the heart.

If you’ve seen or read The Secret, you’ve likely seen manifestation taught in a simple process:

  1. Getting clear on what you truly desire.
  2. Feeling and believing it as if it has already happened.

But what if I told you there’s a third step? (Psst, it’s coming from the heart!)

Most of The Secret’s teachings on manifestation are all about positive or negative thoughts that bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life. So, in essence, what we focus on will expand. These teachings say if we are focusing on our experience’s negative aspects, that negative energy will expand out through every aspect of our lives. (Scary!)

Of course, I agree that what we choose to focus on from moment to moment is what we are creating. Our thoughts are quite powerful. And trust me, we have the power to create whatever we want. 

So, what’s the magical third step? 

What’s the Secret to The Secret

How do we give ourselves grace when the negativity comes up without being afraid we are manifesting “doom?”

First, we must learn to discern our ego stories from our intuitive truth. Finding the differences in those stories will lead us to discover what’s real. Our ego can block us from knowing how we actually feel or think about things; our ego is not who we truly are—love.

To uncover our intuitive truth, we need to be able to process the emotions and patterns that are often hidden between the lines of the stories that the ego creates. Don’t worry. We can learn to coach ourselves past these stories. To accomplish this, we have to face our fears and simply let ourselves feel our feelings. That’s it. Easier said than done, though, I know!

Sometimes, we subconsciously suppress our feelings—some feelings more than others depending on the ego’s level of resistance, but we have to feel the feelings in order to be free of them. 

If we don’t allow ourselves to acknowledge and sit with our feelings, one of two scenarios will take place during our manifesting process:

  1. We will sabotage what we have manifested because we don’t feel worthy of it. Being unsure of our worth comes from our ego’s scary stories.
  2.  What we create won’t be enough (like, ever)! We will always want more because our ego is never going to be satisfied. 

We need to remember that we are powerful and that we are creating in every moment. We are either creating from our egos or our hearts. Ego-based creation equals ego-based results; in turn, heart-based creation equals heart-based results. Differentiating between the ego and the heart takes patience and practice because they can feel similar, but they lead to completely different energies.

By choosing to process our emotions, we will become connected to our hearts and truths. From this place of alignment, we will be able to fully receive and sustain the manifestation of our dreams. When we live a heart-centered life, anything is possible!

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