April 17, 2021

I Quit My Job & Moved To Queensland (& It was the Best Decision of my Life).

What would you do if you asked your soul for an answer and the response was, “Walk away from everything you know and follow me into the unknown?”

Well, I asked, and then I followed. I was mocked for my decision by some, and others didn’t quite understand it. But I knew on a soul level (you know those moments when you just know) there was a reason I had to take a leap of faith.

I bought a one-way ticket to the Gold Coast, Queensland. I quit my career within three months of my decision without another job or house to go to. I didn’t know anyone there, and I was living on a strict budget. These decisions were self-imposed, and they became the gateway to unlocking valuable lessons that I carry with me to this day. In fact, they revolutionized my life so much.

Why did I quit “the known?”

Aside from struggling with health issues, I was tired of working in a job I wasn’t passionate about. I craved freedom, creativity, and a deeper connection with people. I felt uninspired being around people who were fixated on money at the cost of their health and integrity.

So when I made the decision to go to Queensland, I put my hands into God’s hands and trusted the journey—something I had never done before. It led to a full recovery.

I learned valuable lessons by quitting my career, uprooting my life for six months, and unleashing myself into the abyss of the unknown.

Lesson One: Quitting your Job or Lifestyle is not Easy

Taking a leap of faith into the unknown is not easy. There were times when my faith was hanging by a thread. There were also many stumbling blocks. But we have to persevere. Pursuing our call or stepping out of our comfort zone doesn’t mean a life of pure bliss and harmony at first; it’s hard.

But the difference between before and now is fulfillment. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m not trapped in a job I don’t like. I’m not settling for a life that isn’t what I want out of fear of trying something new. I know each challenge will birth new growth and ways of expressing myself—especially creatively. This path I have chosen has shown me there is so much to discover about life—even though it can be difficult.

Lesson Two: Surrender Short-Term Satisfaction for Lifelong Fulfillment

I’ve watched people most of my life have everything on the outside (cars, “job success,” clothes, swag), but they lack inner peace. I understand it because I experienced the same. I was reaching for external validation and fulfillment at the cost of my soul. But I was selling myself short and conforming.

Living to satisfy our short-term desires robs us of lifelong fulfillment. It can be fearful making changes, but the long-term effects of choosing comfort over our soul is far more uncomfortable in the long run.

We all have a thirst within we want to quench. The way we quench it makes all the difference. Are we filling our void with meaningless stuff that never really satisfies, leading us to wanting more and more, never being content with what is? Or are we seeking ways to enrich our lives by starting with our soul and inner being?

I didn’t have anyone to look up to, so I relied on what I wanted to feel as a guide—joy, freedom, and peace of mind. I focused on being more faithful, as worry was my default. When you’re uncertain, there’s either faith or worry to choose from. I’d worried most of my life, so it was time to try something new: faith.

Lesson Four: Developing Mindfulness, Self-Awareness, and Minimalism Practices

I used to look for satisfaction in what I accumulated (clothes, money, achievements). Now I find fulfillment in who I am and the experiences I have. I quit mindlessly spending on clothes that I hardly wore and things I didn’t really need.

Whilst in Queensland, I only had limited belongings, so my lifestyle was minimalistic. Having less clutter and not being consumed with buying the next best thing lessened the need for always wanting more. I used to think if I didn’t reach for more that I was settling; the opposite was true.

By being appreciative of what is in the present, we allow more of the right things to come. It’s not always in the form of stuff but more in the way we feel. When I’m not focused on “lack” or “need,” I feel full, alive, energised, inspired, joyful, light, and unburdened. Buying clothes (or anything for that matter) is now a choice. If I do or don’t have it, it honestly doesn’t make a difference. I’m peaceful either way.

Lesson Five: The Temptation to Settle and Staying True to my Soul’s Call

Along the way, I have been offered opportunities that are tempting—money-wise. But I knew that meant sacrificing my passions and possibly my health again. When I first quit my job and was seeking work in Queensland, I had an amazing job offer that was more than I could have imagined in Perth. It was overlooking the ocean and only two minutes walk from home.

But during the interview, I felt this sensation that I would be returning to what I was comfortable with. Funny enough, in the interview conducted by three men, one of them was more interested in how I love to write and motivate people. As I spoke about it, I felt myself light up like a Christmas tree. It was evident right then what made me feel truly alive.

I was offered the job and a ridiculous salary; I remember the nerve-racking moment when I said “no.” I needed to discover myself outside a career. It led me to pursuing my dreams and living them.

Lesson Six: Learning to Receive—How Often do we Block Blessings and Love?

Just before I left for Queensland, a lady I had known since childhood said a profound piece of wisdom that irritated me to my core. You know when people say something and you just don’t want to accept what they are saying, but later on, you know it was true wisdom?

She was planting something positive in me that would eventually open my heart to the act of receiving. She explained how when she came to Australia, a family paid for her schooling to be a nurse and gave her a place to stay. She accepted the gift because she acknowledged that, without help at times, she wouldn’t be able to fulfill what she needed to do. She is now able to help others too. She explained that God would provide if we have faith, but we need to open our hands. Too often, we are closed off to the blessings of life, which could also help others—because we want to do it all ourselves (pride).

I was someone who rejected help from people. I felt guilty or uncomfortable receiving gifts or paid meals. My belief at the time was about making my own way, and I didn’t feel worthy of good things.

Months later, I remembered what the wise lady said. When the opportunity to receive came up, I accepted. I started practicing the art of receiving. It was so empowering. I came to understand that it’s not all about money or gifts—but also love. I was walking through life feeling undeserving of love.

We reject the blessings that come our way (materialistic, food, opportunity, relationships) because we feel we need to work for everything. If we have the attitude that blessing starts and ends with us, we may prevent the things that are meant for us—and which we can utilise to bless others too.

Lesson Seven: Fun Experiences Keep the Soul Young

Over time, finding a used book or secondhand goods for a few dollars was more exciting than buying new things. I started finding boot sales and farmer’s markets to buy local fresh produce. It became a treasure hunt. I was enjoying exploring new places and interacting with local people. I realised I can do this back in my home time and I don’t have to wait until I go away or travel to explore. I can adventure in my own backyard. This led to creating hiking groups and platforms in Western Australia to explore the great outdoors and meet other explorers!

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” ~ Allen Ginsberg

Lesson Eight: I Learned to Accept Myself and Embrace my Body, Face, and Hair

From a young age, I didn’t like how I looked. I made so much effort to diet, lose weight, and cover my face with a lot of makeup. I started dying my hair from a young age and became obsessed with new hairstyles, clothing, shoes, nails, tanning—the lot!

Deep down, though, I dreamed of being a free-spirited, boho hippie. While I was in Queensland, it was the perfect opportunity to let go and embrace the gypsy within. I ditched my makeup and put on some denim shorts. I was shy about wearing shorts; I remember feeling so out of place.

A thought popped into my mind, “If someone judges you for being you, it’s on them. And why would you want to surround yourself with people who are judgemental anyway? Plus, how do you know if random people are judging you? Is it really your business to know?”

I felt myself shift from a place of worrying to self-acceptance. Since being back in Perth, I grew out my natural hair, ditched makeup, and loved wearing shorts! Letting go of worrying about my image has improved my self-esteem and confidence.

Closing thoughts

You don’t need to quit your job and move to the other side of Australia to experience what I have—unless that is what your soul is calling you to do. I do, however, hope this has encouraged you to accept those soul calls when they come.

If you are at a crossroads and you want more fulfillment, then seek, and you shall find. It’s not easy. It’s not straightforward. The journey can be nerve-racking. There were plenty of moments when I felt selfish, silly, irresponsible—but the more I trusted and saw evidence of healthy positive change, the more I came to understand that life is not meant to be predictable.

It’s a journey of self-discovery, of breaking down prisons in our minds, and seeing whether we have the courage to do something we never knew we could. As a result of our boldness, we can give to others what we have learned, and they, too, can do this wonderful journey of life with a little more bliss, a little more empowerment, and a little more self-acceptance.

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