April 5, 2021

What Happens When we Surrender to the Beauty of Divine Timing.


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I read something a few years back that defined divine timing as, “the point at which linear time meets up with God’s time.”

How beautiful and how comforting.

I am probably the most impatient person I know. I want it now and I want it fast.

My Aries moon definitely gets the better of me when I don’t keep it in check. I get irritable when things don’t occur on the timeline I have decided—but really, why am I attached to that timeline? Why has quicker become associated with better? What are we all rushing toward anyway?

The Greeks had two words for time: Kairos and Chronos. Chronos is sequential or linear time, whereas Kairos is “the right time” or God’s time.

While time may be an illusion, it certainly controls us. We get hung up on when these things “should” occur and forget that we are all part of a highly choreographed dance.

A few weeks back, my key fob went out. For those of you who have key fobs, you know they can be expensive to replace. After surrendering to the fact that I needed a new one, I booked an appointment with the service department to get it programmed. This would be an additional cost of 180 dollars above and beyond the fob itself.

I had made the appointment for a Thursday. When I woke up, everything in my being was telling me to stay home. “Move the appointment to tomorrow,” my gut kept gently nudging. I just had this sense that Thursday wasn’t the right day to take care of this, even though I wanted it over and done with. Friday felt better for some reason. I called and changed the appointment.

The next day, I show up to take care of everything. I bought the fob and went to service to get it programmed. After about 20 minutes, the lady at the counter called me over and told me I’m all set and to have a nice day. I looked at her, perplexed, as I reached for my wallet. She waved her hand and said, “Just go. It’s on me. We are so busy today and I don’t even have time to run your card. Have a wonderful day.”

I got chills. I got chills up and down my body. The Universe completely had my back. I just saved 180 dollars and I didn’t even ask. I went with what my gut knew to be true. Something about the timing of dealing with that lady and having them be extremely busy worked out in my favor.

So often, we get stuck in our linear thinking and forget that there are billions of divine factors working together to help us out—if we stop, listen, and follow through.

Our mindset is everything. We have to check it constantly. As healers and human beings, our main job throughout the day is realigning with what feels good.

If we made a decision yesterday about doing some task today that now doesn’t feel in alignment, that is telling us something and it is our job to listen.

It’s saying:

“Hey! This may have been true yesterday when you only had this piece of information, but now things have shifted. Be brave and reassess. It’s okay to change your mind, change directions, or drop it altogether. I’ve got your back!” ~ Love, The Universe

If you experienced trauma in your childhood like I did, it is normal to want to control every little thing. In fact, trauma survivors often feel irresponsible or worthless if we can’t control all the factors of every situation. Control has become synonymous with safety and security, so to feel out of control is a life-and-death scenario.

But this kind of living and thinking is unsustainable. And quite frankly, it doesn’t feel good.

We are allowed to give ourselves some space. To sit and breathe and ask, “What feels good right now? What action feels in alignment? What is my body telling me?”

I have a new perspective now. Whenever I get stressed or worried that something “isn’t happening fast enough,” I stop. I allow myself five deep breaths to reconnect with my body. Then I ask, “What fear is showing up that is connected to this timing?” Is it the fear of being forgotten? The fear of not being good enough? The fear of missing out? The fear of being left behind? Worthless? Lazy?

Our attachment to timing is part of our conditioning, just like everything else. Open up to a new way of doing things. Faster is not necessarily better. There truly is a divine order to everything.

Think back to a time when you got something you thought you wanted only to discover you actually weren’t ready. It’s humbling but also liberating. Why? Because it allows us to realize that we don’t need to have or experience everything at once.

As Abraham-Hicks says, “Do you want to eat all the food you will have over the course of your entire life in one day?”

I know I don’t. I want to savor that food. I want to enjoy every bite. I want to look at all the colors and smell all the smells. I want to share that food with my friends and family and maybe some cute bird that comes along. I want to feel full and know I can do it all over again tomorrow.

Because the Universe really does have our backs, my friends. If we could relax a little bit and slow it down, we could enjoy all the food we want, calmly, without getting a stomachache.

We can know that so many gifts are on their way to us, and they will show up when we are truly ready to receive and enjoy them.

We can take a day to rest when we feel depleted without the threat of “missing out.”

We can surrender to our deep inner truth, which is always lovingly talking to us and saying, “Hey, I know the way. Follow me for true bliss. I’ve got the map, so put on your sunglasses and relax. We’ll get there when we get there.”


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