September 3, 2021

The GOP has No Right to Speak about Afghanistan & Biden’s administration.

The Republican reaction to the terrorist attack in Kabul is wholly unforgivable.

It is yet another sign of how deeply un-American and indecent a once proud and patriotic party has become.

As a neocon, I claim standing second to none for my right to criticize the Biden administration for its Afghanistan policies. But when terrorists attack and kill Americans, we must be one—unum.

I recall the burning anger and betrayal I felt toward my fellow countrymen who, in September 2001, impulsively blamed George Bush for the 9/11 attacks. It was a small minority, and certainly far, far off from the official word of the Democratic Party. And, to be fair, there was at least a kernel of a rational argument that Western intervention in the Middle East had reaped what had been sown.

Today, however, an entire major political party is engaged in venal, deceitful character assassination of a decent man playing the difficult hand he was dealt. It is all the more disgusting that the GOP barely whimpered when Trump secretly met with the Taliban, cutting out the government in which we have invested so much blood, sweat, tears, and treasure to make successful and effectively groveled for a cease-fire in exchange for a commitment to flee the country by May 1st of this year.

Trump used this literal deal with the devil as a shiny object to dangle in front of the United States electorate, claiming he would end the Afghan war, and that Biden would continue it.

US soldiers and Afghan citizens, especially those who worked with the Americans, were pawns. Trump’s desperate play didn’t work. But once again, it seems, only Trump could out Nixon Nixon.

Americans of good faith can argue vehemently about Joe Biden’s Afghan policies. But the GOP is summarily excluded from that category.


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