September 20, 2021

2 Uplifting Videos to Boost our Mental Health.

Back in July, I was hired as a script editor for the popular YouTube channel Psych2Go.

They’ve been going for quite a few years now, and have just reached seven million subscribers/followers. A great accomplishment to get the message of mental health and psychology out to a wide audience. The site has loads of cute animated videos on a variety of mental health and psychology topics that are geared toward a younger demographic of 13- to 25-year-olds, but people of any age can enjoy their bite-sized messages delivered in a fun and engaging way (I, for one, have been a fan for years), and with adorable animations (they often have “easter eggs” in their videos from other pop culture arenas, so keep your eyes peeled!).

So far, I’ve been a script editor on a bunch of their articles that can be found on their website Psych2Go.net, and with my virtual red pen, helped to make them engaging in a short animated video format. But it can take a while from article to edit to animation to release. Thankfully, I really enjoy editing.

So without further ado, here are the first two videos that I’ve been the script editor on (you can see my name in the description box of the videos).

I hope you enjoy them, and, if you do, please share them with people who you think might benefit.

The first video released that I edited the script for (but not the first script I actually edited, which was related to the topic of being an introvert and hasn’t been released yet) is all about burnout—something we have all dealt with at some point. Check it out here:


The second video that was just released that I’m credited as script editor on is titled 10 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Life. Check it out here with the super fun video-game-style animation:

Also, those of you who are fans of Psych2Go might be familiar with Amanda Silvera. Or at least her voice; she’s the voice of Psych2Go. While she is not the only voiceover artist/narrator for the site, she does do the majority of voiceovers for the videos. And she’s instantly recognizable by her soothing, relaxing, and calming voice, and therefore, she’s a big part of the popularity of the videos—in addition to the great animations from all the talented animators. But not only is she the voice for Psych2Go, she’s also a very talented singer/songwriter, and you can check her out on YouTube here.


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