January 28, 2022

The Type of Men we Need to Stay Away from—& Their 7 Toxic Traits.


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As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and most women are all excited about receiving expensive gifts and going out on a romantic candle-lit dinner with their loving man, I thought I’d give you a small piece of advice on this occasion, in hopes that you will be celebrating Valentine’s each and every day and for the rest of your lives.

The relationship gurus keep warning us on the different types of men whom we need to stay away from, making unnecessary long lists. But to put it in a nutshell, we can group the characters of men who should be avoided under only one category: weak men.

It’s that simple, really.

This is the one and only type whom we need to steer clear of—other than the narcissist of course, but you all already know the latter.

We often underestimate weak men assuming that they are harmless. However, we need to watch out for them, since they can make our lives a living hell.

Here is how a wimp man can have toxic traits:

1. He is easily influenced.

You might think that this is insignificant, but believe me, it is. It is more fulfilling and feels complete to be around a man who knows what he wants, has an opinion of his own, and sticks to a reasonable decision.

Moreover, a weak man will be easily affected by the opinions of others, and he will turn his ears to everyone because he can’t trust his own judgments, not even when it comes to you. He will never be sure about you—let that sink in!

Not to mention that with such a gullible man, we will feel like being in a “polygamous” relationship together with his family, friends, and relatives—a whole community of people making major decisions about our relationship and future.

2. He takes you for granted.

Nothing is more attractive than a man who is afraid of losing you, especially if it’s the only thing that scares him. And the good part is when you don’t have to do anything to nurture this fear in him. You can be your most vulnerable self, clingy as much as you’d like to, and he will still stick around.

Only a weak man will take your emotional state for granted and never appreciate your love. He loves the thrill of the chase, but once he makes sure you’re hitched and his self-esteem is uplifted enough, he may go looking for a new source of confidence.

3. He is untruthful.

Cowardly men will mostly lie either to avoid conflict out of the fear of upsetting you, or for pleasing people. In short, they lie their way to a peaceful life. They never confront; of course because confrontation needs guts, which is something they definitely lack.

This type of a man is the one who usually ghosts you or leaves without closure because he is too much of a wuss to face you with the truth. A strong man will have nothing to hide, and he’s not afraid of facing troubles. He knows how to handle difficult situations pretty well.

4. He is unfaithful.

Cheating is a sign of insecurity, and this type of man will be in need of constant validation from multiple women as a boost to his ego and a reminder of his masculinity. He is also more likely to jump from one relationship to another for that same purpose and out of fear of being alone.

On the other hand, a strong man knows his worth and won’t seek it from the opposite sex. And trust me on this one, if a man doesn’t know his own worth, then don’t expect him to see yours.

5. He is a control freak.

He has to decide whom you get to talk to, how to dress, where to go, what and what not to say…and since you’re the only one he thinks he can dominate by using the threat of leaving in case you don’t comply, these psychological maneuvers give him the only taste of manhood.

6. He is disrespectful.

A real man knows that he will gain the respect of others by respecting himself first. He will know how to control his emotions and prove his point in a well-mannered way.

Whereas, a weak man will insult you, shame you, give you the silent treatment, and would do anything to predominate. He might even put you down or ignore you as a way of proving his superiority.

7. He manipulates you.

Of course, who other than a sissy boy is as good at emotional games? Insults, shaming, the silent treatment, and other negative behaviors I already mentioned above are all considered manipulations. But what else? This type of man will blame us for his own faults and make us question our own sanity because he can’t hold himself accountable for his actions.

He will never admit his mistakes and is too timid to even apologize.


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What we can gather from all of this is that a weak man is a fraud and untrustworthy.

We will always find ourselves questioning his love for us and his motives behind every action, triggering our own insecurities. We might even find ourselves doubting our future with him because we know he will run away at the very first obstacle. He cannot be trusted with our time and efforts, and we can’t expect a reciprocal effort in return.

With a real man, we will always feel safe. We will know his intentions right from the first time we meet him, since he wears his heart on his sleeves and is not afraid to open up.

A real man is never mysterious—although let’s admit it, most of us fall head over heels for the mysterious type of guy. Yeah, that’s how we set ourselves up for misery!

A strong man will always be there for us, through good and through bad. He is the one who will stand up for us and knows how to stand up for himself too. He will fight the world for the woman he loves and knows how to love deeply.

A real man is the faithful one, the caring one, the respectful and calm kind of guy. Above all, a strong man will never string you along if he has no intention of staying.

A strong man is mature; he won’t play games to get you hooked. We can feel his confidence and strength instantly, and we can totally be ourselves around him and completely comfortable in his presence.

Because he, in himself, is very real. That’s how you spot him right away!

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