May 2, 2023

Why Journaling is the Secret to Successful Dating.

Journaling is a highly underrated self-care practice.

I started the practice eight years ago and still do it to this day. I keep all my old journals and look back on them frequently.

The power of journaling is that it creates a subtle strength that grows over time. It’s not a magic pill or quick fix, but it will change your mind, confidence, and life experience the more you do it.

Journaling is what helps you build awareness, which in turn grows your confidence. When you are aware of yourself, your beliefs, and your actions, you can use that information to become more self-assured. Journaling is what builds that all-important relationship with yourself so you can have your own back no matter what.

I first started to journal when I was on my journey to self-love. After a lifetime of anxiety and low self-esteem, I set out to get to know myself like never before. I bought a red Moleskine journal and titled the first page: What is self-love? The journey that unfolded from there is one I will never forget.

I started to crave my little chunks of alone time with me and the notebook. I would share my learnings from the latest book I read or start to note patterns with my anxiety. I was growing evidence of what was holding me back and tangible ways to change my life.

Most days, I would just let the words flow from me with no agenda in mind. I would work through any mental blocks or insecurities. I would share my deepest thoughts with no abandon. I knew no one would read my words, so it was my place to let it all out. And for someone who tends to live in their head, this was a huge relief.

Journaling started to majorly help with my anxiety as I could get my swirling thoughts out of my head and onto paper. I could start to see patterns and triggers and work through them in an approachable way. Once my head was clear from the worry, I was able to build my confidence and remind myself of all the good I had to offer the world.

One area of my life where journaling gave me the confidence boost I needed was my dating journey. I spent my entire life avoiding relationships because of my low self-confidence and feelings of unworthiness. But once I realized the relief it brought me with my anxiety, I was excited to see how it would impact my dating life.

I, like most people, went into the dating world without any intention. I figured I would go on some dates and see who liked me. I would try to be the “cool girl” and pretend that nothing fazed me and hoped it would work out. Spoiler alert: I did not meet any committed men this way.

But everything changed when I decided to apply my journaling magic to dating. It turned out to be the exact kickstart I needed. Journaling is what made me uncover my desires, connect with my intentions, realize all the great qualities I had to offer in a relationship, and so much more. I was able to date with newfound confidence in myself and attract partners who were aligned with my values.

Today, I want to share 10 powerful questions to journal on before your next date. This process will leave you with a clear mind and ready to find love. Come back to this anytime you need to! Grab your journal (write it out instead of typing) and let’s do this.

Sacred Journaling for Your Dating Journey:

1. What does a committed and loving relationship look like for you? Be as detailed as possible, even writing out a day in the life of your dream relationship.

2. Why do you want a committed relationship? 

3. In what ways will having committed love enhance your life?

4. Are there any areas of your life you are not committed to? How can you show more commitment there? Remember, you are what you attract so shed some light on ways you can bring more love and commitment into your life. 

5. What do you have to offer to a partner and relationship? What are your best qualities that you cannot wait to share with someone you love?

6. List out all the reasons you deserve to find love and why it’s bound to happen for you. 

7. Detail how a successful date would go for you. How would you feel before, during, and after the date? What activities will you do?

8. What excites you about finding love and partnership?

9. What beliefs do you still hold that say you can’t have love? List out all the ways these are not true (because they 100 percent are not true; they are just thoughts).

10. What are the top three qualities you look for in a partner? Why are these important?

Once you have your answers, I want you to go back and read them and solidify your answers. See how powerful it is to get your thoughts onto paper? I hope you are starting to see that love is possible for you and that you have so many amazing things to offer someone else.

When you approach dating with intention and optimism, you are bound to meet your special person in no time. Let journaling lead the way to the relationship you are dreaming of.


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