May 9, 2023

Is He Ready for Commitment? How to Tell if He’s in it for the Long Haul.

Let’s face it, the start of a new relationship in this day and age can be tough.

You find a guy you connect with, but that’s when all the fun starts. And by fun, I mean new insecurities, self-doubt, worries, and so much more that decide to show up.

It’s expected to feel new emotions when you are on a dating journey. Especially as a woman who dreams of falling in love and being in a committed relationship. When you desire something from deep in your soul, like finding love, it brings to light all those old fears and doubts you’ve carried from past experiences.

That’s why I do the work I do. I was once in your shoes, too. I desired to fall in love, to meet my soulmate, but I had so many self-limiting beliefs holding me back. I didn’t think I was worthy enough of falling in love. I thought I was destined for a life alone.

These beliefs kept me in the same stuck position, which was being single! So instead of trying to go on more dates or shun dating altogether, I decided to do something different. I started to work on my own self-belief and discover all the amazing qualities I had to bring to a relationship.

I started to build a life I loved while pursuing new experiences that interested me. I said mantras out loud every day reminding myself of my beauty, inside and out. After a lifetime of negative self-talk, this was a refreshing change to my mindset. Slowly but surely these techniques started to work. I was finally comfortable in my skin and confident in my unique self. And I did eventually find great love with the most amazing man.

The reason I am passionate about coaching women to build confidence is that it makes all the difference when dating. When you can approach the dating world with confidence in your intentions, your desires, and yourself, your entire experience will change. You’ll be able to easily tell who you want to pursue a relationship with.

Let me tell you, dating feels so different when you approach it with a solid sense of who you are instead of coming from a place of lack. Confidence that comes from deep down within you is what will attract high-quality partners to you.

So while confidence is an important part of your dating life, so is knowing what to look out for in a potential partner and trusting your gut. This is why I teach clients how to strengthen and honor their intuition because it will never steer them wrong.

So what’s the biggest sign to look out for when considering a romantic partner?

The biggest sign to look out for as to whether he likes you or not is if his actions match his words. You’ll be able to tell if he wants you in his future not by what he says but by what he does. 

Ladies, listen up. A man can tell you all day that he likes you, is committed to you, and sees a future with you. While that may be nice to hear, if he doesn’t follow through with actions, those words mean absolutely nothing.

I’ve fallen for my fair share of “dream sellers” in my early days of dating. When I had no confidence, I would eat these big declarations up with joy. These men knew how to sell a dream, and I was the one falling for it. But when he would ghost me just a few weeks later, I was left heartbroken, sad, and confused.

Unfortunately, I see this happen way too much with clients. They get sold on the words their man is saying but are left wondering why their relationship isn’t progressing. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but his actions must match his words. That’s how you know he’s looking for commitment.

So what does that actually look like, actions and words aligning? Here are some examples:

>> He plans dates days in advance and shows up on time (or keeps you updated if he’s going to be late).

>> He does small gestures to show he cares, like getting you your favorite flowers or buying you that book you keep talking about.

>> When he says he wants you in his future that means he is introducing you to friends and family and making it known.

>> He is capable of having deep conversations with you and letting you in his life, instead of shutting you out. 

>> He is totally present with you when you are together; he’s not lost in his phone or just not paying attention.

>> He lets his romantic side show, putting his arm around you and showing you off!

How differently would that feel if you are dating the guy who does all the above? The guy who makes it clear he likes you and wants commitment. These men are out there, I promise!

But I have to mention one big caveat. If this is the type of man and relationship you are desiring, then you have to start embodying those traits in yourself. It’s not 100 percent up to the man; it’s two committed people who make for an amazing relationship.

How can you start being committed to dating? You can start by ending things with the guy who is sending you mixed signals. Or how about the guy who keeps on flaking out on dates last minute? If you want a committed man, you need to start being a committed woman. Simple as that. Cut ties with the guys you know aren’t good for you, and save your energy for the right person.

Get clear on your intentions, build a solid relationship with yourself, and only pursue men who align with where you want to go. This is exactly what I teach in my articles and coaching, so you are in the right place!

It may not seem like it, but there are committed men out there who want love just like you. Be sure to look out for this telltale sign early on, and you’ll easily be able to tell if a man is right for you.

You got this!


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