October 29, 2020

Celebrate the Life of Good Health—the Vegan Way.


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November 1st is World Vegan Day. Join vegans worldwide to celebrate the lives of all sentient beings. This includes our tiny blue planet too.


Meatless Mondays,

Tilapia-free Tuesdays,
Say no to Wendy’s on Wednesday,
Free the turkeys Thursdays,
Fish-free, no flounder for Fridays.
Save the salmon, snappers, and snails Saturdays,
Shrimp-free Sundays.

Alligator, leave them alone—cloth belt for you.
Ban the bacon,
Cancel the crab, clams, and crawfish.
Do not eat the ducks, nor the dairy.
Eggs, do you know the farmer? Elephants need their tusks.

Face-to-face on the flounder,
Groupers have feelings too.
Heck no to ham.

Impalas > ibis > iguana—do not disturb.
Jerky, no way!
Kangaroos and kingfishers rule.
Lobster or lamb?  Just say no.

Meet your friend, the Mahi, and cow’s milk, do not consume.
Newt, nightingale— sentient beings.
Oh no—no to the oysters,
Pork, pig, poultry; let the pig and poultry live, please.

Quail? Quail not!

Run little rabbit.
Swim faster salmon; save the scallops > snapper > snails > shrimp and shark.
Tuna swim, resist the bait. Turkey, fly.
Urchin, you sweet thing, you.
Vicuna, do not take their wool,

Whales unite; white tigers too.
Xami hairstreak butterfly—save the butterflies.
Yellow-billed Kingfisher, you rock.
Zebra, show those stripes.

The term veganism refers to not only consuming a diet composed of only plants, but making ethical choices in clothing, belts, footwear, personal care products, and more. Ethical choices in cosmetics as well. In companies, you use for purchasing, while shopping local and small businesses, if possible.

It crosses over to packaging, reducing plastic, single-use items, and shipment. What about vehicle use and make?

This is not an exhaustive list. Each topic, and more, are covered in well-researched articles.

Am I asking you to make every one of these changes? No, that is for you to decide.

But, will you consider moving a step, one step, towards saving your life, the sentient beings that fly, swim, crawl, slither, walk, or hop, Momma Earth?

Thank you.

Every small change makes a difference.


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Read 26 comments and reply

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