May 22, 2021

This is Desire. This is Sexual Awakening.

The desire to awaken is deep.

The desire to surrender is deep.

The desire for the wild is deep.

There is such a deep sexuality within us—men and women.

A sexuality that is a portal to experience the Divine. A sexuality that has a wildness—the playground of the beast. A sexuality that encompasses and expresses so many aspects of who we are. A sexuality that in its expression is a path to freedom. A sexuality that is connected to, that opens the heart, and the Heart within the heart.

A sexuality that is one of the keys to higher states of awareness.

And many of us simply scratch the surface.

The desire to awaken.

The desire to awaken our sexual energy, to our sexual energy.

The desire to awaken beyond the narrow, limited, inhibited judgment of a society that fears sexuality, that fears pleasure, that fears the body and its wisdom, that fears the Divine Consciousness in every cell of the body.

The desire to awaken beyond a society that controls sexuality, bodies, pleasure.

The desire to awaken from the darkness of “dirty,” “shameful,” “hidden,” “euphemistic” to openness, authenticity.

The desire to awaken from a society that fears, maybe above all else, in so many ways, Yoni, and all she is—Goddess, Love, Creation, Truth.

The desire to surrender.

The desire to surrender to our true nature.

The desire to surrender to being a man. We’ve become scared of our strength, our power. We’ve become angry, aggressive, unclear, unsafe.

The desire to surrender to being a woman, to be safe to be the wild goddess, burning with the fire of desire, of passion.

The desire to know, to surrender to our darkness and our light, to know the formless, the timeless, the eternal, and to know this body, this time, this life, this moment.

All Divine.

The desire for the wild.

So many of us, men and women, long, yearn to live with the freedom of the wild.

And we know that sexuality is a place for its expression.

So many women have seen it, hidden it. So many women will only bring it out when there is safety, when there is acceptance, when they know a man can hold space for it, dance with it, worship it.

So many men fear their wild, have no intimation for it.

So many men fear the wild of women because they don’t know their own wild.

So many men shame the wild of women, as do so many women.

So many of us shy away from the Divine wildness and the freedom it brings.

So many of us fear the sacred of sexuality and the path of revelation it opens.

The desire…




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